Head Of Crimea Offers Republic’s Largest Shipyard To Build New Russian Aircraft Carriers

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Head Of Crimea Offers Republic's Largest Shipyard To Build New Russian Aircraft Carriers


Sergey Aksyonov, the head of Russia’s Republic of Crimea, said that Zaliv shipyard in Kerch is capable of building ships of any class, including aircraft carriers.

“Zaliv shipyard has the largest dry dock in Russian Federation, with the length of 375 metres (approx. 410 yards). This allows building any kind of ship, including aircraft carriers. Perhaps such decisions will take place here,” Aksyonov said.

Zaliv is a core industry for the city of Kerch. It is one of the largest shipyards in Eastern Europe, situated on the shore of the Kerch strait, which connects the Black Sea to the Sea of Azov.

Back in USSR, aircraft carriers were being built at Black Sea Shipyard in Nikolayev, Ukraine. Currently, the only shipyard maintaining and modernising Russia’s sole aircraft carrier the Admiral Kuznetsov is Zvyozdochka (Little Star) shipyard in Severodvinsk.

Aksyonov’s remark seems like wishful thinking, considering that the Admiral Kuznetsov, Russia’s sole aircraft carrier [indeed  heavy aircraft-carrying missile cruiser], has been plagued by years of technical problems. It has to be always escorted by tugboat, in case if the warship breaks down. In July of last year, the Admiral Kuznetsov sailed through the Dover Strait billowing clouds of black smoke. According to officials, the Admiral Kuznetsov will start being modernised in 2018.

Construction of a brand new aircraft carrier is to begin in 2025, according to Deputy Minister of Defense Yuriy Borisov. The project of the new ship was reportedly developed by Krylov State Research Center.

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very nice!


In the age of Pin Point accuracy missiles are carriers really the best use of resources?

Richard Dickson

True, but America doesn’t keep their carriers for WW3, where they would be useless – rather, for power projection against smaller nations… A role which Russia also must begin to play to secure its interests, like in Syria.

Also, the USA has lost much respect for Russia since 1991, and behaves as if they can push it around. A few grand displays (like the recent use of SLBMs against ISIS) are necessary. Maintaining 2-3 aircraft carriers is also now a matter of pride as a superpower.

“rather, for power projection against smaller nations”

These days even smaller nations have anti ship missiles. Some relatively modern anti ship missiles and a few diesel electric submarines are within the budgets of most countries. They don’t even have to be able to actually sink a giant supercarrier – all get have to do is to be able to possibly sink one. The amount of money invested in a supercarrier is so great that in that case the carrier has to start out of the range of the missiles/subs, and with modern missiles able to strike at a thousand kilometres, that pretty much neutralises the carrier. This is why countries like Vietnam and Iran are buying missiles and submarines, not carriers.


The British has one new one and one more on the way to intimidate smaller nations. mind you for a good few years the carriers will have no aircraft and when they do they will be US F25’s that need 40-50 ours service time for every 1 hour of flight :)

I would rather spend any ‘vanity money’ on weapon systems that can send big ships to Davy Jones Locker with one hit :)


Not really. Something new might be in the pipeline.


Armed Persian Flying Carpets perhaps ? :)

Rubbish. By the Montreux Treaty aircraft carriers heavier than 15000 tons can’t go through the Bosporus Straits so if this ship is built in Crimea it would either have to start confined to the Black Sea or just be another useless aircraft carrying heavy cruiser like the Kuznetsov. Even the Soviet Navy acknowledged the uselessness of the aircraft carrying cruiser concept back in 1982, and was constructing a genuine carrier, the Ulyanovsk, at the time of the murder of the Soviet Union.

Solomon Krupacek

read again. this restriction is for countries, which do not have shore at Mare Euxinus.


“Under Article 11, Black Sea states are permitted to transit capital ships of any tonnage through the straits, but Annex II specifically excludes aircraft carriers from the definition of capital ship.”

Citation: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montreux_Convention_Regarding_the_Regime_of_the_Straits

Solomon Krupacek

but the sentence you cited, is about non-black-sea-states.

for russia

The result of this is that the Soviet Navy could send its aircraft
cruisers through the Straits in compliance with the Convention, while at
the same time the Convention denied access to NATO aircraft carriers, which exceeded the 15,000 ton limit

The sentence I cited specifically allows Black Sea states to send capital ships without restriction through the Bosporus while non Black Sea states can’t. And it also specifically says that aircraft carriers are not capital ships, meaning a Russian aircraft carrier can’t go though the Bosporus.

This, by the way, is one reason why the Soviet Navy loaded its aircraft carrying ships with a lot of heavy and utterly useless anti ship missiles – so that they were arguably not aircraft carriers, but cruisers capable of carrying aircraft. The donor expedient of building their carriers somewhere outside the Black Sea does not seem to have occurred to them.

Solomon Krupacek

you will see, that will be not such restriction for russia.

In the most unlikely event that Russia ever builds an aircraft carrier, possibly we’ll see.


ugh that black smoke


It is running on coal, I think.

Seriously, Russia doesn’t need to squander money on aircraft carriers that the americans can obliterate with a salvo of Tomahawks along with all its fighters, they should spend the money on the SU-57, the S-500, the Armata series, the new nuclear ballistic missiles for the new submarines… that’s what the americans are afraid of, not a couple of aircraft carriers that will inevitably be inferior to the US ones.


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It is running on diesel engines like most ships.


It was a joke, dude …