Heavy Clashes Continued Near Dontesk In Eastern Ukraine

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On February 1, heavy clashes continued between the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF), backed up by pro-Kiev paramilitary groups, and forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) in the Adveevka industrial area near the DPR capital of Donetsk.

Last night, the UAF made another offensive attempt against DPR forces positions at the Adveevka industrial area, but failed to achieve gains and were again  pushed to retreat, suffering casualties (over 20 fighters were killed in action).

In the morning, firefights and artillery duels continued in the area. Some pro-DPR sources even reported that DPR fighters almost entered the Kiev-controlled village. However, this was not confirmed.

On January 31, SF reported that Kiev forces had lost 24 fighters dead and over 60 injured. On February 1, an additional information appeared about the casualties of pro-Kiev forces: 85 fighters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and pro-Kiev paramilitary groups have been killed and 315 others wounded in clashes with forces of DPR. Bodies of the killed pro-Kiev fighters were sent to mortuaries in Dnepr, Krasnoarmeisk and Kharkov.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry officially confirmed that the UAF is conducting an offensive opearion against the DPR (TASS 1.02.2017):

Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Igor Poplavsky has in fact confirmed that his country’s armed forces are conducting offensive operations in Donbass.

“By now, whatever may be the case, our guys have heroically moved forward, meter by meter, step by step,” he told the media about the situation in Avdeyevka.

He refrained from commenting on the question about the pullback of heavy weapons from the line of engagement in Donbass, required by the Minsk Accords.

Heavy Clashes Continued Near Dontesk In Eastern Ukraine

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