Heavy Fighting in Eastern Ukraine: Many Wounded

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According to the ATO press center, at least 16 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded in a firefight with the Donbass People’s Militia.

Heavy Fighting in Eastern Ukraine: Many Wounded

Photo: uapress.info

On Saturday, the press center of Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) once again reported on intensification of the hostilities in Eastern Ukraine.

According to reports of Ukrainian military, the People’s Militia of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) shelled Verhnetoretskoe village, using 122-mm artillery, while the populated localities of Troitskoye, Peski, Luganskoe, Dacha, Zaytsevo, Kamyanka, Novoselovka, Verkhnetoretskoe and Avdeyevka came under fire of mortars of various calibers.

Also, according to the version of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, during all the day, the ‘enemy’ was shelling Avdeyevka, Dacha, Mayorsk, Zaytsevo, Peski and Luganskoe, using grenade launchers. In addition, Peski and Kamyanka were also attacked by a tank, while Luganskoe was shelled with an infantry combat vehicle.

The press center added that Pavlopol and Gnutovoye in Mariupol direction were also shelled with 122-mm artillery. Krasnogorovka, Gnutovomo and Shirokino were shelled with 120-mm mortars. Vodyanoye was shelled with 82-mm mortars. The People’s Militia also opened fire on Novotroitskoe, Pavlopol, Vodyanoy, Gnutovo and Shirokino, using grenade launchers and small arms. Shirokino and Pavlopol also came under fire of an infantry combat vehicle.

At the direction of Lugansk, Novoaleksandrovka, Troitskoye and Novozvanovka were shelled with mortars, grenade launchers and small arms.

Over the past day, 16 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded. In total, the shelling was spotted 92 times.

Meanwhile, the DPR Defense Ministry reported that militants of the Azov battalion captured the Donetsk filtration plant, which plays an important role in water supply of Donetsk.

On Saturday, the sides accused each other of shelling the filtration plant. As a result, local staff, who maintained functioning of the plant, stopped its work.

“We have no more strength to endure this. If we do not evacuate the people, we will lose them. For this reason, we stop the plant’s work and will evacuate the people,” CEO of the Voda Donbassa public utility company, Oleg Mokry, said.

As the CEO noted, last night, the filtration plant came under heavy fire. Buildings of the plant, including premises with chlorine, were hit with shells.

As a result, the water supply to Avdeyevka and Donetsk was reduced, as the plant provides water to settlements, located on the both sides of the front line.

Repair and refurbishment work on the Donetsk filtration plant still have not been started, as the Joint Center on Control and Coordination (JCCC) cannot guarantee security of a repair brigade due to ongoing hostilities.

Photos below show some part of the damage, inflicted on the Donetsk filtration plant:

Heavy Fighting in Eastern Ukraine: Many Wounded

Heavy Fighting in Eastern Ukraine: Many Wounded

Heavy Fighting in Eastern Ukraine: Many Wounded

Heavy Fighting in Eastern Ukraine: Many Wounded

Heavy Fighting in Eastern Ukraine: Many Wounded

Heavy Fighting in Eastern Ukraine: Many Wounded

Heavy Fighting in Eastern Ukraine: Many Wounded

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Gary Sellars

Ukropi orcish filth…

Mikey Harry Harris

I would love to see the Ukie Nazis pushed back to the Donbass borders and leave the occupied territories entirely.

Good riddance to filth.

Doom Sternz

Funny how much in common NATO and the terrorists in Syria have. Both are using the water supply as a weapon against major urban populations. These are war crimes and crimes against humanity.


Is it any coincidence, when you look at their mate McCain? He was in Kiev, with his buddy Graham, for Christmas. Then Saudi, Syria and Turkey, just the other day. They don’t think anybody would notice it is always the same script that gets played.


Had exact same though looking at the images. Are we seeing same NATO driven strategy of control and or destruction of utility infrastructure, with intent to create intense civic pressures upon the non compliant leaderships in both conflict theatres? It’s well known NATO has joint military control rooms in north Jordan and south Turkey to distribute intelligence and coordinate operations for alleged ‘moderate’ militants, so would not hardly be a surprise to find some NATO presence in strategic operational capacity in Kiev.


dont be affraid brothers smrt fasizmu sloboda narodu


bolje rat nego pakt,bolje grob nego rob

Nigel Maund

The whole Ukraine situation was US and NATO inspired as part of their plan to instigate a war with Russia by any pretext possible. Of course the US people don’t have a choice as their Government until Trump comprises the NWO Globalist – Collectivist – Bankster – Corporatist Cabal with its aim of forcing the collapse of Russia, especially Putin, and moving towards their one world order and Fascist dictatorship. It’s interesting that many of these same people supported Hitler from 1929 – 1943 when the Battle of Kursk sealed the fate of the Nazi regime. However, some 10,000 Nazi’s were ushered out of Europe to South America in CIA operation “Ratline” and thousands of Nazi scientists including Dr Wernher Von Braun were brought back to the US to help the further development of the Military – Industrial Complex in CIA operation “Paperclip” – Fascinating stuff indeed!!!

Kire Stojanovski

Please put Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) in quotation marks, this way it seems like you are considering the people of Donbass as terrorists. And another thing, I would be grateful if someone helps me in finding this Donetsk filtration plant on the map.

Arthur Smith
Kire Stojanovski

First, thank you very much about your help and about your time. But, when I saw your answer I first got very worried about how much territory has DPR lost, but then I thought it could be a mistake, I mean it must be a mistake, so I tried to find the mistake, and, thank God I found it. I mean, I hope you won’t misunderstand me, I really want to thank you about your attention and your time, but thank God you are wrong! :) On wikimapia the place you’ve marked is described like filtration plant (but ONLY filtration plant) without “Donetsk” in its name. And there is another one, NW of Kashtanove (west of Yasynuvata), south of those little lakes, just beside the H20 highway (east of it), and that is named “Donetsk filtration plant”, and that is the one mentioned in this article, that it was lost to the UAF.

Arthur Smith

Guess I got wrong report, saying it was to south from Yasinovataya. Now it’s only “between Yasinovataya and Avdeevka”. Also here on SF it was said to only be shelled, not taken, so the difference wasn’t noticeable.


This is sad. From afar this seems pointless. A struggle between people who have much to gain by peace and little to gain even by “victory.”