Help SouthFront to Stay ‘On’ in February

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Dear friends!

Due to your support in previous months, SouthFront produced till January 31:

  • Videos: 43
  • Graphics: 130
  • Texts: 405

We also raised quality of the ‘international military review’ videos  using high detailed maps and we are developing a new video-format to launch it in February.

In January we collected 3855,44 USD. Thank you to all! We appreciate your support. However, we need about 5000 USD per month to run the project successfully.

Please, make last effort to keep SouthFront full-scale work in February:

Help SouthFront to Stay ‘On’ in February

Help SouthFront to Stay ‘On’ in February

OR find other ways to donate here:

Sincerely yours,

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence Team

Support SouthFront

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