Hezbollah Deployed Rocket Launcher, Anti-Aircraft Guns Near Syria’s Al-Mayadin: Monitoring Group

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Hezbollah Deployed Rocket Launcher, Anti-Aircraft Guns Near Syria’s Al-Mayadin: Monitoring Group

A Hezbollah fighter stands in front of anti-tank artillery at Juroud Arsal, the Syria-Lebanon border. Photo: REUTERS

Lebanon’s Hezbollah had deployed fighters in the outskirts of the town of al-Mayadin in Syria’s Deir Ezzor, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on July 16.

Hezbollah fighters took over a base in al-Shabli ruins that was manned by Iraqi fighters of Iranian-backed Liwa Abu al-Fadhal al-Abbas. The Iraqis evacuated the base a few hours before the arrival of Hezbollah forces.

According to the SOHR, Hezbollah deployed a rocket launcher and a number of 23 mm anti-aircraft guns near its new base.

“The reasons behind handing over the military base to Hezbollah remain unknown,” the London-based monitoring group said in its report.

Hezbollah maintains very small presence in southern countryside of Deir Ezzor, where Iranian-backed Syrian and Iraqi forces are present to counter ISIS and guard the Syrian-Iraqi border.

Al-Mayadin is located a few kilometers away from US-led coalition bases on the eastern bank of the Euphrates river. Six attacks targeted the bases in the last three weeks. Iranian-backed forces were allegedly behind the attacks.

By deploying forces near al-Mayadin, Hezbollah apparently wants to increase its presence right on the main frontline with US forces in Syria.


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Poor losers, fighting for nothing ^^

La Rata

USA and the So called Coalition??

A clown like you

Yes, poor yanquis coming home end up killing themselves for nothing.
You are the slaves of Zion…poor souls.


Poor zionist swine, you can see defeat is imminent.


In raw military terms Hezbollah and its allies from Iraq to Lebanon now number close to half a million men under arms. Hezbollah has an immense arsenal of modern weapons in the hands of very well trained trained and motivated fighters and no military in the world can defeat Hezbollah, considering the dismal US rout and defeat in Afghanistan at the hands of comparatively crude Taliban, tangling with Hezbollah is beyond the realm of any NATO military. The US tested AMAL (forerunner to Hezbollah) in 1980’s in Lebanon and came out second best and had to flee just like Afghanistan today. The massive Beirut blasts that took out the whole US marine “expeditionary force” and devastated the French occupation forces will look like firecrackers compared to Hezbollah firepower and capability today.


The perpetrators of the Beirut Blasts were never identified and no group had ever claimed it. No proof exists that Amal did it and Hezbollah didn’t exist yet.


The history, politics, demographics and steady rise in Hezbollah influence and strength has be to analyzed in terms of Lebanon’s outdated and failed political, sectarian and economic prism. Lebanon is a unsustainable artificial state carved out of Sykes-Picot imperialist dismemberment of the the Ottomans and Arab factionalism. The current demographics, unrepresentative political setup and economic failure of the cobbled corrupt Lebanese state simply makes Hezbollah the major power in Lebanon and trans-regional dynamics. In Lebanon, Hezbollah acts as an honest protector of the frayed state and Christian and other threatened minorities and keeps US, French and Saudi fanned Wahhabism and Sunni extremism at bay.

In military terms, Hezbollah is an extremely well armed, superbly trained, cohesive and highly motivated disciplined organization that provides social programs to the vast majority of Lebanese. It’s disciplined leadership is considered honest and beyond reproach. Hezbollah and its predecessor AMAL were literally born in battle to protect the once down trodden Shia majority of Lebanon under the aegis of Iran and Imam Musa Sadr.

The Israeli and western invasion of Lebanon in 1982 under the guise of expelling the fractious PLO accelerated the rise and influence of Hezbollah, which is regarded as the popular and capable final arbitrator of Lebanon’s destiny. Hezbollah today is a political and military organization par excellence and has no equal in the world. It has fought with tenacity and strategic vision in all trans-regional conflicts where Shia were under threat. It has stabilized Syria at a minimal cost and gained immense military experience and respect. Today Hezbollah’s influence is not confined to the Shia alone, it acts a guarantor and protector of all minorities and its appeal is universal in the Arab and Muslim world. The expansion of Hezbollah in the region is just a sign of its growing military capability.

Last edited 3 months ago by G2 MAN

Hezbollah and Syria are protectors of minorities and are also sane and formidable. Syria in particular seems like exactly the kind of Arab government everyone would want but we are hostile to both entities and support the al-Nusraqaida scum. In our war against “terror,” of course.


Not entirely wrong but 1) they do not provide sicial programmes to a majority of Lebanese and 2) their appeal far, far, far from universal. There are at least as many in the Arab and Muslim world who dispise them or simply don‘t like them.
Having said that, they are indeed well organized and militarilly very competent.