Hezbollah Releases Drone Footage Of Israeli Bases In Upper Galilee

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On December 4, the Lebanese al-Manar TV aired footage of Israeli bases in Upper Galilee, which were filmed by a Hezbollah drone.

The footage was showed as a part of the series dubbed “the Secrets of the Second Liberation.” The series documents Hezbollah’s support for the Syrian government and the movement’s battles against terrorist groups in the region.

A base of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in Brannite and a command center in Rowaysat al-Alam can be seen in the footage, which were apparently taken by a small drone.

According to al-Manar, the Hezbollah Air Force filmed it on the second day of the IDF’s “Lethal Arrow” large-scale drills, which were held in northern Israel. The Hezbollah Air Force operates a variety of drones, some with combat capabilities. Reports say that the Lebanese movement established its air force with a direct support from Iran.

On December 4 of 2014, Hassan al-Laqqis, the mastermind behind Hezbollah’s drone program, was assassinated in Beirut’s Southern Suburb. The al-Qaeda-affiliated Free Sunnis of Baalbek Brigade claimed responsibility for the attack. Nevertheless, Hezbollah said that Saudi Arabia and Israel may have been involved in the assassination.

Despite the permanent threat from Israel and the general pressure from the US-led bloc, Hezbollah continues to develop its offensive capabilities. Today, the Lebanese movement is better trained and equipped than many armies around the world.


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