Hezbollah Threatens Israel With A List Of IDF Targets In Urban Areas

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On February 17, Hezbollah’s media wing shared a video showing a number of Israeli military sites located deep within urban areas.

The 2-minute video, which is titled “Oh Zionists, You Have Military and Security Targets Within Your Cities,” carries a direct threat to Israel.

The video lists the following Israeli military positions:

  • The headquarters of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), HaKirya, in the center of Tel Aviv;
  • The headquarters of the IDF Northern Command, Patzan, in the city of Safed;
  • The headquarters of the Galilee Formation’s Eastern Brigade in the city of Qiryat Shemona;
  • The headquarters of the Galilee Formation’s Western Brigade in the city of Shomera;
  • Bat Galim military base near the Rambam Health Care Campus in the city of Haifa;
  • A radar system and a command post near the Stella Maris Monastery in the city of Haifa;
  • The headquarters of the Israel Aerospace Industries next to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv;
  • A military and command post on the rooftop of Haifa University;
  • A radar system and a command post in Rutenberg Power Station;
  • The headquarters of the Israel Military Industries, IMI Systems, near Tel Aviv’s Metropolitan Area.

The video ends with a recent statement by Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, in which he threatens Aviv Kochavi, Chief of General Staff of IDF, with a “total war.”

“We are not looking for a confrontation, nor for a war … If you strike a city, we will strike a city, and if you strike towns we will strike settlements,” Nasrallah said. “You do what you wish and we do what we wish … No one can guarantee that the short war wont slid into a total war.”

Two days ago, the Israeli Air Force concluded a widespread military drill simulating the war with Hezbollah. Israeli pilots trained to hit 3,000 targets a day.

Hezbollah’s video is clearly meant to send a message to Israel, which has been threatening Lebanon for a few years now. Any action by Tel Aviv could provoke a full-scale war.


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