Houston Police Releases Body Cam Footage of Police-Involved Fatal Shooting (GRAPHIC)

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Houston police has released a body cam footage showing a police-involved fatal shooting at Alva Braziel, a 38-year-old African-American man.

Houston Police Releases Body Cam Footage of Police-Involved Fatal Shooting (GRAPHIC)

Photo: TrendingNow / YouTube

Body cam video showing Houston police fatal shooting at Alva Braziel, a 38-year-old African-American man, has been posted on the Houston Police Department’s YouTube page on July 21 under the orders of the mayor, who took issue with claims on social media that Braziel had been unarmed.

Multiple videos of the deadly police shooting include police body cam footage from two responding officers and surveillance video from a store from the July 9 incident in southeast Houston, Texas.

The clip starts with surveillance footage from the store. The image shows Braziel in the distance falling to the ground 10 seconds after a police car pulls up. The aftermath of the shooting is showed by the body cam footage from the responding officers. We can see Braziel with blood on his white shirt lying on the ground and holding a gun in his right hand, which is then removed by one of the officers. Viewers can hear Braziel’s labored breathing as police say they called for an ambulance.

According to Houston police, the officers thought that Braziel stopped them for asking a help. However, they realized that he was armed, when flashed a light on him, and he pointed the gun at them.

Acting police chief Martha Montalvo told Associated Press that the officers followed department policy when did not activate their cameras, because they needed to first confront the danger that Braziel posed.

During a news conference on July 21, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said that normally under state law, police video is not released until after both criminal and administrative investigations are completed. However, after the deadly shootings of five officers in other American states the releasing of the footage was “in everyone’s best interest.” The main purpose of the video is to dispel claims on social media that Braziel was unarmed.

“The reality is that this was not a case of an unarmed person being shot by police,” Sylvester Turner said.

Meanwhile, Braziel’s wife, Nikita, said that the video does not show her husband point a gun at the officers. According to her, people will be outraged.

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