Houthis Edge Closer To Marib Boasting Of Successful Military Operation

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Houthis Edge Closer To Marib Boasting Of Successful Military Operation
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Yemen’s Ansar Allah boasted a significant success in the operations to capture Marib city from the Saudi-led coalition.

On October 12th, Houthi (as Ansar Allah is known) spokesman Brigadier-General Yahya Saree said that over the last several days an operation titled ‘Fajr Al-Intisaar’ (Dawn of Victory) was carried out against Riyadh’s forces.

The specific timeline is unclear, but it lasted presumably around ten days.

The operation was dubbed a success as it achieved the capture of the area in Al Bass Al Shadebed, looking down on Marib city, and shooting down 6 US-made spy fighter planes and 11 spy planes. Approximately 600 square kilometers were taken from Saudi-coalition control.

Additionally, the Houthi missile unit had carried out 68 attacks, targeting enemy bases, barracks and headquarters, out of which 49 attacks were carried out in the occupied territories of Yemen and 19 inside the Saudi territory.

Approximately 300 armored vehicles, and troop carriers, 850 weapons, and four weapons depots, were damaged, destroyed and burned. And about 5,650 Saudi-led coalition fighters were killed, injured or captured.

The Houthis announced that any mercenary who would leave willingly would be allowed to go to Sana’a and have their injuries treated.

The Saudi-led coalition responded to this with an increased airstrike activity. Over the period, the Saudi-led coalition carried out 948 airstrikes, allegedly targeting civilian homes and roads.

On October 12th, the Saudi fighter jets carried out nearly 50 air raids, with 24 strikes targeted Houthi positions near Marib city, Abdiyah was struck 21 times.

With the fight ramping up in Yemen, it is becoming increasingly important for regional stability and power balance in the Middle East. This is especially true for the United States, after losing its positions in Afghanistan.

Yemen is a tool of influence in the region, and primarily over Saudi Arabia, since it’s capability heavily depends on the weaponry that Washington provides, as well as its logistic support.

With the energy market volatility, and the evident reinforcement of the UAE’s role in the region, Yemen’s significance is growing. It would not be any surprise if the US administration plans to focus more on fostering relations with the UAE and improving its standing in the Middle East, as Saudi Arabia has proven itself as a rather inadequate and incapable ally.

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