Houthis Finally Gained Control Of ‘Mass Base’ In Yemen’s Ma’rib

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The Houthis, also known as Ansar Allah, have finally imposed control of the Saudi-led coalition’s Mass Base in the central Yemeni province of Ma’rib.

A source in the authorities of Ma’rib confirmed to Sputnik that the base was captured by Houthi fighters on November 20. According to the local source, the Houthis stormed the base from several directions after fierce clashes with Saudi-backed forces.

“Yemeni military units which were situated in Mass camp withdrew after the Houthis overrun the camp’s defense lines,” the unnamed source told the Russian news agency.

The source revealed that the military pressure from the Houthis, who launched several attacks on the Mass Base in the last few weeks, forced Saudi-backed forces to evacuate heavy weapons, including artillery and armored vehicles, from the base.

Last week, a number of Yemeni sources reported that the Mass Base was captured by the Houthis. These reports were denied a few hours later when Saudi-backed forces shared a video from the base.

This time, several media sources affiliated with Saudi-backed forces confirmed that the base had been captured by the Houthis. However, the Yemeni group is yet to make an announcement.

The Mass Base, which is located 25 km away from Ma’rib city center, was used by the Saudi-led coalition as a camp to train forces loyal to Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi.

Houthis Finally Gained Control Of ‘Mass Base’ In Yemen’s Ma’rib

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter, Via Google Maps – TerraMetrics

The fall of the Mass Base is a major blow to the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies. The Houthis, who captured vast parts of Ma’rib earlier this year, are now posing to attack the province center.


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