Houthis Shared Footage Of Saudi, Sudanese Service Members Captured During Jizan Operation

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Houthis Shared Footage Of Saudi, Sudanese Service Members Captured During Jizan Operation

Screen grab from the Houthis’ video.

On June 14, the Houthis (Ansar Allah) shared footage of twelve Saudi and Sudanese service members who were captured during a recent large-scale ground operation in the southern Saudi province of Jizan.

The operation, which took place earlier this year, saw Houthi fighters reaching the town of al-Khobhd, more than 3 kilometers into Jizan.

At least 80 personnel of the Saudi military, Sudanese military and Yemeni forces were killed or injured during the operations. The Houthis also destroyed more than 29 vehicles and captured loads of weapons and equipment.

Ten of the personnel captured during the operation were Saudis and two were Sudanese. The Houthis identified the captives as follow:

  • Sergeant Issa Ali Hadi al-Sulaimani from Baysh City, Jizan, Saudi Arabia;
  • Corporal Abdullah Ghaithan Moaidh al-Qarni from al –Majardah, ‘Asir, Saudi Arabia;
  • Sergeant Saleh Ayed al-Otaibi from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia;
  • Corporal Ahmed Abdo Hassan Musa from Jizan, Saudi Arabia;
  • Corporal Ahmed Abdulaziz al-Juhaini from Medina, Saudi Arabia;
  • Sergeant Abdullah Ali Saad al-Shehri from ‘Asir, Saudi Arabia;
  • Corporal Ghalab al-Humaidi al-Mutairi from Qassim, Saudi Arabia;
  • Private Nayef Muhammad Jaber Hakami from Jizan, Saudi Arabia;
  • Private Yahya Attia Muhammad Hanani from Jizan, Saudi Arabia;
  • Deputy Sergeant Ahmed Abdullah Asiri from Hail, Asir, Saudi Arabia;
  • Sergeant Seif al-Din Bakhit Muhammad Bakhit from Sudan;
  • Deputy Corporal Ali Mohsen Hassan al-Zubayr from Sudan.

In brief interviews, the captives asserted that they are being treated well by the Houthis and called on their respective governments to work towards their release.

The Houthis’ media wing also shared never-seen-before footage from Jizan operation. The footage shows intense clashes with Saudi forces deep in Jizan.

The large-scale operation in Jizan was a major blow to the Saudi-led coalition, which ignored all the footage and denied any advance by the Houthis inside Saudi Arabia. This time, it will be very hard for the coalition to deny the identity of the captives.


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None of you

So incompetent Saudi arabia soldiers.
No organisation of soldiers on the front nothing.
Obviously you will lose the war.
Like in Iraq
Like in Libya.
They should stop saying death to Israel and America.
If America and Israel will enter Yemen nothing will be leftover standing in that country.

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Also bitch, SA funded the wars in Libya, Iraq, and Syria…with yankees and Zion. Get your facts right kiddo. AND, SA doesn’t chant death to Zion or yankees you fuking moron…do you even know where SA is?

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america is in yemen so is britain and they couldnt do a thing to win the war


U forgot Korea. There us destroyd all cities and more then 80% of houses. This is what others doing it would bring them to the Hague criminal court for genocide.


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Faisal al Al-Mahdi

at one time Green berets were on the border and The satan’s countries , US the antichrist , UK and France are deeply involved in war on Yemen.
By The glory of God Yemen has overcome them all including anhiliating a mercenary Black water army at the begining of the invasion.
Satan’s forces are doing everything they can to stop Yemen’s ansarallah army, they know the prophecy better than most . they know it is Yemen that liberates the middles East and fights for Imam mahdi (AS) to liberate Palestine and eventually to kill Satan and destroy evil on Earth

Faisal al Al-Mahdi

Ansarallah are the soldiers of God. God Bless them and God strengthen them from victory to victory
The end times prophecy is become reality.
The fire from Yemen will sweep north, liberating the entire Gulf from the anti Christ America to meet Imam Mahdi (AS) in the Hejaz

None of you

Those Saudis should be shot for being useless. How can we support such useless troops who can’t fight against a ragtag group wearing sandals. We should stop supporting Saudi and now support Houthis so we can be winners again. Their camps are just a pig sty , no wonder they can’t fight. Those that fight get killed , those that run go and collect their pay. Saudi should stop paying them until they get killed. God bless America the saviors of the world.


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They’ll just ignore the existence of the video. No need to explain away what one refuses to admit exists.

Chess Master

Extraordinary! No POW looks beaten. Americans, Ukrainians, Russians should take lessons of civilization from good guys Houthis.

Faisal al Al-Mahdi

In a battle last year when they destroyed 3 saudi brigades they captured thousands ofmercenaries. they let all the yemeni’s go . Ansarallah fights for God and must have a different moral standard.
God Bless ansarallah and Yemen