Houthis Showcase New Missiles, Drones & Other Weapons At Military Exhibition (Videos)

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Houthis Showcase New Missiles, Drones & Other Weapons At Military Exhibition (Videos)

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On March 11, the Houthis (Ansar Allah) showcased locally-made weapon systems, including missiles and drones, in a military exhibition attended by senior Yemeni officials.

Mahdi al-Mashat, President of the Supreme Political Council, inaugurated the exhibition, which was named the “Martyr Leader” after Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi, the elderly brother of current Ansar Allah leader Abdul-Malik. Hussein was killed by Yemeni security forces in 2004.

In the exhibition, the Houthis showcased some of their older weapons and a number of new systems which were not seen before.

“These achievements, on a strategic level, are considered a striking hand to deter the ongoing aggression against the Yemeni people,” al-Mashat said while touring the exhibition.

The exhibition was divided to the following wings:

  • The Missile Force Wing in which the Houthis showcased some of their largest ballistic missiles, like the Burkan-H2 and Zulfiqar, as well as the precision-guided Badir-1F artillery rocket. Two new precision-guided missiles, “Saeer” and “Qasim-2,” were also presented for the first time along with the “Quds-2” cruise missile.

  • The Drone Force Wing which included a number of never-seen-before unmanned systems, like the “Wa’id” suicide drone, the “Samad-4” and “Rujum” armed drone, the “Shehab” and “Khatif” loitering munitions and the “Mirsad” reconnaissance drone.

  • The Naval Mines Wing in which the Houthis showcased, for the first time, a series of new anti-ship mines dubbed “Karrar-1,” “Karrar-2,” “Karrar-3,” “Asif-2,” “Asif-3,” “Asif-4,” “Shawaz,” “Thaqib,” “Awais,” “Mujahid,” and “Nazat”.

  • The Snipers Wing which included a series of locally-made sniper rifles, some of which can fire high-caliber anti-material rounds.

  • The Anti-Armor Wing in which locally-made RPG-7 anti-armor rocket-propelled grenades were presented.

  • The Artillery Wing which included three mortar cannons of different calibers which were made locally in Yemen along with their rounds.

Furthermore, the Houthis released test footage of the Samad-3 drone, which was used in many recent attacks on Saudi Arabia and the new Rujum armed drone.

The new weapon systems displayed at the Martyr Leader Military Exhibition are a testimony of the Houthis’ growing offensive capabilities.


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