Leadership Of Armenia: How To Lose Territories And Surrender Interests For Dummies

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Armenia is in a deep political crisis after losing the war in Nagorno-Karabakh and signing a peace deal with Azerbaijan. Despite Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s claims that “the loser is only he who thinks himself defeated,” agreeing to the peace deal was in fact the least Armenia could do to salvage a situation which was becoming more untenable for Yerevan with each passing day. In its turn, Azerbaijan, which was on the brink of capturing the largest regional city, Stepanakert, and cutting off the Lachin corridor linking Armenia with Nagorno-Karabakh, was forced to accept the de-escalation due to the intervention of Russian diplomacy and the deployment of Russian peacekeepers who are currently taking up positons in Karabakh.

How did the Armenian state manage to lose most of Nagorno-Karabakh? The order of events is here:

  • Back in 2018, a pro-Western coup took place in Armenia, which saw the government fall and Nikol Pashinyan, a Soros-funded ‘democratic’ activist back then, become the leader of the country through mass protests and the arresting of political opponents.
  • Since then, the Pashinyan government has proved one thing – they have no actual authority, as they even had to stage mass riots to attempt to enforce their political plans. The economic, political and military situation in Armenia continued to deteriorate despite the ‘democratic’ pro-Western government in power.
  • One area where the Soros-trained government was quite effective, however, was in spreading anti-Russian hysteria, and for two years Armenia’s main foreign and internal policy has been focused on distancing itself from Russia, which nevertheless continues to be its only real ally and the guarantor of Armenian statehood.

Through all these years, Azerbaijan was actively preparing for a military push to retake the territories of Nagorno-Karabakh, which it had lost during the Karabakh war in 1988-1994. After testing the water on a few separate occasions, the most recent of which took place in July 2020, the Azerbaijani military with support from Turkish military specialists and Turkish-backed Syrian militant groups launched a large-scale military operation in the region on September 27, 2020. The ill-prepared Armenian forces, overwhelmed in the fields of manpower, equipment and firepower, were defeated after about a month and a half of war and as of November 9, Azerbaijan had established full control of the key stronghold of Shusha, which oversees the capital of the Armenian Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh (also known as Artsakh), Stepanakert.

Throughout this losing phase of the war, Armenia tried a very questionable bid at “multipolarity” looking to get help from any direction, all the while not attempting to restore its relations with Moscow.

Essentially, no significant forces, equipment or hardware were actually deployed from Armenia to fight in Nagorno-Karabakh. Whatever forces were present in Karabakh fought, with limited support from “mainland Armenia.” Also, officially, Armenia did not send any of its regular troops to fight. What was there instead of that? Livestreams of Nikol Pashinyan in Facebook and multiple PR statements claiming victorious counter-attacks by Armenian forces.

The lack of any real action was covered by a very wide and loud media campaign calling for other countries to recognize Artsakh as an independent country, hoping that it would happen and that the Armenian government would not need to do anything on its own. Ironically, while Armenia was demanding the world recognize Artsakh as an independent state, it itself as a state made zero steps in this direction. These factors led to Armenia ultimately losing the war.

The peace deal, which was a “very, very difficult decision” as per Pashinyan is a fact, and he’s now struggling to find whom to blame. He’s blaming other officials, other countries for not recognizing Artsakh as an independent country, his own military for not doing enough, and for sure the lack of support from Russia, who came to rescue the Armenians.

It is not known exactly where Pashinyan is now. He fled the government building amid protests demanding his resignation and is now mostly focused on making victorious Facebook livestreams. If patriotic forces do not take power in Armenia and the globalist-controlled government led by Pashinyan or a Pashinyan-like leader remains in power, the destruction of Armenian statehood will continue in the coming years. At some point, this process could become irreversible. As to the remaining part of Artsakh, its security is now guaranteed by the Russian military presence. Therefore, Stepanakert and nearby areas, including the Lachin corridor, just became areas of Russian influence and a further social, political and economic development of the region will not be possible without Russian involvement.

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Already 4th article on Pashinyan. Seems like someone has seriously launched media campaign against him. Wonder how threatening is he:))))

Rhodium 10

He told that they was repelling AZ forces…while NK was asking for air support or at least that armenian fighter jets would keep drones away…but Pashinyan as a Western Puppet refused!…Turkey is a NATO member and AZ was supportered by Israel.


Pashinyan hardly seems competent, but as to jets – he (and the Armenian military) had to weigh up if it was worth risking them against Turkish F-16’s and more – especially when Russian support was in question.

Rhodium 10

Even if Armenian air force would have 100 F-22 raptor..Pashinyan never was used these jets vs Turkey and even less attack Turkish soil!…as a pro western president and close to them…he will not be allowed to attack a NATO country ( Turkey)..all that said!


Attacking Turkey is not the point. But from a much stronger position, who knows what even he might have done to help Artsakh against Azerbaijan?

Rhodium 10

No! AZ&Turkey knew who is Pashinyan and his ties with CIA….after the failure to retake Sirte…NK under Armenia had short life…Mossad also was interested in desestabize Iran ( which sent troops) and Israeli advisor surely tested Iran air defense..( but Iran shot down all drones because have a strong AD)…curiously all of them Israeli Harop( the most modern loitering drone only used to attack air defense radar)….

John Brown

Looks like the Stepanakert will be all that is left of Armenia when Soros is done as it is now under Russian control and protection.
Sorosland Armenia will now kick out the Russian base and with draw from the CSTO so Azer can finish the job ASAP and conquer Yerevan and what is left of rump Armenia.


With Russia’s dubious role in this Turko-Islamist conquest, and the filth spewed by pro-Russ trolls like you, Armenia would be well justified to make an agreement for some Western troops and expel the Russians. The Azeris have no claim on Armenia proper, nor will to attack a sovereign nation and UN member to please you, so it’s not an issue. If Russia is going to act like a repulsive thug, then it can’t complain if those it bullies look elsewhere, in fact it has to expect it.

John Brown

its clear you are a traitor to Armenia as well.

Once your traitorous leader is arrested I hope they will arrest you as well.

You are a hero of Azerbaijan.

Until Armenia casts out traitors like you they have no future.

Look how fast Nikol Pashinyan and the President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian are to send regular soldiers against Armenians but did not send 1 Armenian soldier to try to save NK.

Like I said this war was lost by Armenia before it started because the Soros leaders of Armenia are traitors and the biggest threat to the continued existance
of Armenia.

The Artsakh Defense Army, losing cities and positions,
“held” the Azerbaijani troops for a month, causing them significant harm. And this despite the fact that Ankara stood behind Baku, and Karabakh was left to fend for itself: the liberal Nikol Pashinyan not only destroyed the command and control of the troops, but also deprived Artsakh of the supply of ammunition.


I already said I’m not Armenian, clown.

Russia also abandoned Artsakh, until it already lost Shushi and more. Now, as things, stand, it’s unviable. Unless Russia indicates credibly a reversal of that, then Armenia has no cause to return to any Russian fold.

Jack Bauer

So in other words you don’t know anything and you don’t have a dog in the fight. Yet you remain? Hahaha. Silly nato troll

John Brown

The traitorous Sors coup leaders told everyone they were repelling AZ forces…while NK was asking for air
support or at least that armenian fighter jets would keep drones
away…but Pashinyan as a Western Puppet refused!

And you helped to spread those traitorous lies on this board.



Idiot, I never spread any lies about repelling AZ forces, rather I said the Azeris were winning. You meanwhile spread lies with almost every post, what do you think it accomplishes?

John Brown


The Artsakh Defense Army, losing cities and positions,
“held” the Azerbaijani troops for a month, causing them significant harm. And this despite the fact that Ankara stood behind Baku, and Karabakh was left to fend for itself: the liberal Nikol Pashinyan not only destroyed the command and control of the troops, but also deprived Artsakh of the
supply of ammunition.

They deprived Artsakh of the supply of ammunition

Tell me how Russia stop Pashinyan from sending regular Armenian soldiers and ammunition to Artsakh???????

If traitors like you would not send the Armenian armed forces and ammo supplies to NK how could they win???

And you support them!!

Traitor!!!!!! Troll!!!


You really are dumb as shit. I’m not Armenian, and I had no say over supply of ammo to Artsakh. Putin and Russia did however, besides Pashinyan/Armenia.

Jack Bauer

You silly little nato troll. Keep the laughs coming

Jack Bauer

That she same thinking that got you all fuxxed by turkey an NATO member you dummy. But keep thinking like that. You will make threats until there is nothing left of you or Armenia. You made a deal with the devil. Don’t complain about his kock size NOW. It’s too late. You’re already their whoar. If Russia left tomorrow you’d all be massacred. You don’t get it? They all want you dead. nato turkey azeris. All of them, and your dumb ass is making threats? Hahahaha. You millennials deserve what you get.


We have to have a scapegoat to divert attention from the treasonous role of Russia. Armenian opposition is already requesting withdrawal of Russian so called peace keepers who are there only to cement the Azerbaijan’s victory and to facilitate an orderly ethnic cleansing of orthodox people from the newly occupied territories of Nagorno-Karabakh. Since the similar betrayal of the Serbs in today’s Croatia and in Kosovo the “orthodox” Russia never stopped doing it.

Jack Bauer

Hahaha. You work for the Democrats? It’s all Russia’s fault? Russia is the ONLY reason all Armenia isn’t turkey. Everybody wants you dead and gone EXCEPT Russia. Turkey Azeris nato Israel. All of them. And you want to make threats and place blame on Russia. It was your corrupt politicians and your get millennials that did this. Go on, kick Russia out. See what happens to you. Your fake nato troll account won’t do anything. Because you’re not even in Armenia. Dumb as rocks. That’s why it happened.

Jack Bauer

He’s only a threat to Nationalist Armenians who love their country. As per usual. But the millennials sold out their own country for a spotify account and an instagram full of selfies. That’s the extent of western ” culture “. Idiots deserve what they get.

Simplekindof Man

“the loser is only he who thinks himself defeated”
Thats sounds exactly like what a looser would say…

Genghis Gobi

What Abu Looser say? What then Abu Tighter say?

thomas malthaus


A rather dated article about a US satellite outpost and non-CSTO member, Turkmenistan.


Stepanakert land and air have been surrounded by Azerbaijan.

cechas vodobenikov

if Hunter Biden isn’t appointed DEA director perhaps president of armeniai

Genghis Gobi

Freinds and infidels!

While trying to find place to hiding from four wifes and mother in laws behind them (as I tolded you in last posting) I comes across deep hole in ground,like giant burrow of animal gerbil. So I crawl into it and then wented round bend. There I sawed small room with man with beard sitting with laptop writing. As soon as I see him I recognition him, it Abu Pashinyan al Sorosi. When he seed me he taked out pistol and threatening to shooting me, but it nothing to threat of second wife Lina who threaten to shooting me on daily and nightly and even dawnly basis. So I take pistol away with one finger. Now question I want to ask, what I do with Abu Pashinyan. Should give him to Armenistan? Should give him to Azerbaijanistan? Or should just give him to wifes in hope they take him and forget about me?

Takebeer! Muhaysinihu Akbar! Thank four answerationing.

El Mashi

Pashinyan took the Gaddafi road to do nice with Nato. How’d that work out.

Jack Bauer

He made a de with the devil. Now they are all smoking his kock. Imagine that.


Turks have been killing, raping, and robbing Armenians and other Christians for a thousand years (see below for links to just the last century or so).

By rights, ALL of Artsakh, plus Nakhitchevan and Ararat AT LEAST should go to Armenia as even MINIMAL compensation. They were all Armenian land (whether fully independent or under Perso-Roman suzerainty) for over a thousand years before the Turks turned up, copiously established and documented in history and scholarship. The Turko-Azeri claim, based on previous dispossession by force and massacre of the Armenians, is not only countered by that key fact, but by the rights of the Armenians of Artsakh to self-determination also under international and humanitarian law, by the right of Artsakh and Armenia to a viable and secure territory, especially in face of ongoing Turkic-Islamist threats and genocide-denial, and by the fact that Azerbaijan as a nation never held lasting sovereignty over them EXCEPT as part of other empires, most recently the Russian and Soviet ones for most of the last two centuries. Therefore, if the Azeri claim is ‘valid’, then so is the prior longstanding claim of the Russians to rule Azerbaijan itself, along with eg Kars and Sarikamis in Turkey, and Ukraine, and conversely, if the Armenian ‘separatist’ claim to Artsakh is invalid, then so are the separatist claims of Russian and Turkish ‘annexations’ like South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Crimea, Transnistria, and northern Cyprus. The fact is that this attack on Artsakh is a dirty piece of Satanic skulduggery and ‘might is right’ thuggery cooked up by crooks and thieves, and a continuation of the thouand-year long Turkic aggression against and dispossession of the Armenians and other Christians, disgracefully aided and abetted by outside ‘Judeo-Christian’ powers who never seem to learn their lesson: that whilst such evil may “succeed” and “profit” in the short term, it plants the Devil-seed and sows the Divine Destinic wind for even greater retributive evils down the track, which history provides myriad examples of, and which they most assuredly will draw upon themselves as a result of this evil upon evils.












I am sorry about this sad defeat, there was no option but signing the peace deal.
The previous Armenian and current leadership are jointly responsible for this bad outcome.
Azerbaiyan destroyed Artsakh troops and tanks just by using moderns drones. The Armenian leadership must respond for the shortage of military equipments of thier troops. I gather Armenia knew that sooner or later Azerbaiyan would try to regain land again. But they were not prepared.
Let’s not forget that the first big war was a victory for ethnic Armenians. Azerbaiyan has a better leadership judging by the results on the battleground.
The previous Armenian leader was corrupt. All must be taken into account.
I regret the losses of Armenian lives. They have paid the consequences of a corrupt leadership.


The ‘peace deal’ as it stands will finish Artsakh, and cripple Armenia. It should have been at least somewhat different. Your other points seem fair enouugh.

Brett Connor

This is just simple posturing for WWIII.


I honor the death of the Armenian / Artsakh who defended Nagorno Karabakh.



Liar. Your purpose is not honor but gloating, sicko whacko.


Good. But not good enough. SF still believe that Azerbaijan was forced to takt the “peace” deal. It is entirely not true.

Azerbaijan has not given up anything. All gains.

Magic Puro

Isn’t Pashinyan a Soros whøre ???

Jack Bauer

They Made Armenia their whore. The entire political structure and the dumb as rocks millennial youth. They accepted the deviks kock. Now they are complaining about the depth to which they are getting fuxxed. Cheap whoars.

Frank G

Pash hanging from a street light would be best. As long as Armenians do not remove this scum, future problems will only be inevitable.

Jack Bauer

What’s wrong with the dumb as rocks Armenians. The US and the devil payed them for secks. Now they are complaining about the size of the kock? Dumb children. Armenia. You let NATO and zionist scum corrupt your politicians and children into turing on Russia, your Christian protector. And now you’re wondering how this happened? Do the right thing and just ask for some lube. Don’t cry like women for what you couldn’t defend as men. Lost total respect for these ” christians “. More like traitors and turncoats.