How Ukrainian People’s Republic Became Ukrainian SSR

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How Ukrainian People's Republic Became Ukrainian SSR

General Secretariat of the Central Rada of the first convocation First General Secretariat Of The Central Rada. Right to left (sitting): Petliura S. V., Efremov S. O., Vinnichenko V. K., Baranovsky Kh.a., Steshenko I. M.; standing: Martos B., Stasyuk N., Hristyuk P. V., in the Oval-Sadovsky V. V.

Written by Yuri Turkul. Translated exclusively for SouthFront

To the bitter regret, many in Russia have a short historical memory. Many do not know what the city of Volgograd was called until 1961 and practically no one knows what the city of Stalingrad was called until 1925.

One can cite a great many examples of how cities in the USSR were thoughtlessly renamed for momentary benefit, to please a big boss. And at present, the older generation is outraged by the knowledge of the history of their state by modern youth. And how will young people know history if our 1000-year history of Russia was not in high esteem?

And why do we have in the USSR, the history of Russia until 1917 was presented in black? Why are the British and Americans proud of their history and we are not? Their history of states was no less cruel and bloody, and sometimes much more monstrous than in Russia.

Why in the USSR renamed en masse cities that had a 5-6 century history? Why were they given new names? The goal was one – to eradicate historical memory. We must pay tribute to those people who implemented this, they achieved their goal. And Stolypin warned: people who have no national identity are manure on which other peoples grow.

Which is what happened as a result. As Comrade Trotsky, Lenin’s comrade-in-arms, said, we will write history from scratch. So they wrote. In the course of the struggle of Leninists with “Russian great-power chauvinism,” nationalists were brought up, in the republics created by the Bolsheviks (both in the allied and the autonomous) and laid the foundation for terrible Russophobia in these future states. Dzerzhinsky, Stalin and Ordzhonikidze warned Lenin about this. But Lenin’s point of view won.

And at present, Russia is correcting the miscalculations of Lenin’s national policy and state structure in Ukraine. I understand how Leninists will gather on me now, so I highly recommend that all fans of Lenin’s national policy and state structure talk with Russian-speaking refugees (1992-98) from some republics of Central Asia and the Caucasus.

They are not written about or remembered, but it would be worth writing and remembering that it would be to moderate the ardor of supporters of the revival of the Soviet Union. The Russians do not abandon their people. But for some reason these were abandoned. Russophobia is not brought up in a day, she was brought up latently for decades. It was not worth denigrating the past of Russia until 1917. Our opponents took advantage of this.

How Ukrainian People's Republic Became Ukrainian SSR

The Ukrainian People’s Republic in blue

In this article, I will briefly tell you what Ukraine should have been according to the agreements of the Central Rada and the Provisional Government of Russia in 1917, and what the Bolsheviks did in 1924.

After the February Revolution of 1917, the Central Council was elected at the congress of public organizations of Ukraine. Which took over the functions of the highest legislative body in Ukraine. It proclaimed the autonomy of Ukraine as part of Russia. In June 1917, the question arose about the territories that Ukraine wanted to get into its composition.

Rada had a desire to get all the provinces of the South of Russia. But Russian Prime Minister Kerensky limited claims to five provinces: Volyn, Kyiv, Podolsk, Chernihiv and Poltava. These lands at one time belonged to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the provisional government was ready to give them without hesitation. But the delegation of the Central Rada wanted Kherson, Yekaterinoslav, Kharkov, Kholmskaya, and partially Tauride (without Crimea), Kursk and Voronezh provinces. These areas had nothing to do with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. In these areas, immigrants from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Russian kings were allowed to settle. They motivated their claims by the fact that Ukrainians live there.
Note from the author: I do not understand why Ukrainians do not require autonomy in Canada, because there are a lot of them living there.

Subsequently, they tried to create autonomy in the Far East in the Green Wedge, also made claims to the lands of the Kuban Cossack army and parts of the Terek Cossack army. But interestingly, the Provisional Government strongly opposed it. The provisional government was in agreement to transfer the provinces required by the Central Rada, only after interviewing the population living there.

But in October 1917, the October Revolution took place and the Rada quickly announced its state independence. The Bolsheviks decided that there should be Soviet power in Ukraine and quite quickly this issue was fixed. Then there was the Brest Peace. The Ukrainian Rada held negotiations with Germany and Austria-Hungary, which recognized it de jure, and asked to send troops to protect the young republic from the Bolsheviks, which the Germans and Austrians gladly did. The Central Rada extended its activities, taking advantage of the October Revolution, to all provinces of the South of Russia: Kherson, Yekaterinoslav, Kharkov, Kholmskaya, and partially Tauride (without Crimea), Kursk and Voronezh provinces. That is, to those provinces that the Provisional Government refused to give them.

The Germans and Austrians naturally occupied these territories. The chairman of the Central Rada, Grushevsky (the one whom the Bolsheviks later invited to carry out the Ukrainization of the lands that Lenin presented to the Ukrainian SSR), claimed the inner kinship of Ukrainians and Germans, about the long-standing leaning of Ukrainians towards the Western world close to them in spirit, primarily to the German one. He made solemn speeches about the Ukrainian-German brotherhood.

History develops in a spiral.

Note which person the Bolsheviks invited to the Ukrainian SSR (on December 11, 1914, Grushevsky was arrested in Kiev on charges of involvement in the creation of a Legion of Ukrainian Sich Streltsy, as part of the Austro-Hungarian army). Rada began to behave very cheekily and the Germans decided the issue with Rada in the same way as the Bolsheviks did with the Constituent Assembly. Rada was dispersed. Hetman Skoropadsky began to rule the state.

Then there was a civil war and independent states began to emerge on the territory of Ukraine. Some sources write that there were 16 of them. But the main ones were: UPR (Ukrainian People’s Republic), ZUPR (West Ukrainian People’s Republic), DKR (Donetsk-Kryvyi Rih Republic), Ukrainian SSR (with its capital in Kharkov), OPR (Odessa People’s Republic), Ukrainian State (under the leadership of hetman Skoropadsky).

The Bolsheviks won and Ukraine became the Ukrainian SSR, as part of the USSR, though with the right to exit. But the DKR, led by comrade Artyom, did not want to be part of the Ukrainian SSR. Then Comrade Lenin instructed to liquidate this republic and donated these lands together with the Russian people to the Ukrainian nationalists in the Ukrainian SSR created by the Bolsheviks, without asking the Russian people themselves. At the same time, he added part of the lands of the Don Cossack Army. And the Bolsheviks invited Pan Grushevsky from Vienna, where the Ukrainians are now travelling to have some coffee, to carry out the Ukrainization of the population donated to the Ukrainian SSR lands.

Comrade Khrushchev presented Crimea to the Ukrainian SSR. Nikita Sergeevich was a real Leninist. Who doubts, let him read the newspaper Pravda for 1954.

The Pravda newspaper was the printed party body of the CPSU, it did not lie. And when we laugh at British Foreign Minister Liz Truss for her statements about the non-recognition of the Rostov and Voronezh regions as part of Russia, we must remember that in the office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, there is a map where these lands are “shown as Ukrainian.” Just an Englishwoman run her mouth about. Russia will be haunted for a long time by Lenin’s national policy and the state structure of the former Russian Empire.


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For the bastard trolls from Pepe Escobar.

The Kharkov game-changer

by Pepe Escobar, posted with the author’s permission and widely cross-posted

Wars are not won by psyops. Ask Nazi Germany. Still, it’s been a howler to watch NATOstan media on Kharkov, gloating in unison about “the hammer blow that knocks out Putin”, “the Russians are in trouble”, and assorted inanities.

Facts: Russian forces withdrew from the territory of Kharkov to the left bank of the Oskol river, where they are now entrenched. A Kharkov-Donetsk-Luhansk line seems to be stable. Krasny Liman is threatened, besieged by superior Ukrainian forces, but not lethally.

No one – not even Maria Zakharova, the contemporary female equivalent of Hermes, the messenger of the Gods – knows what the Russian General Staff (RGS) plans, in this case and all others. If they say they do, they are lying.

As it stands, what may be inferred with a reasonable degree of certainty is that a line – Svyatogorsk-Krasny Liman-Yampol-Belogorovka – can hold out long enough with their current garrisons until fresh Russian forces are able to swoop in and force the Ukrainians back beyond the Seversky Donets line.

All hell broke loose – virtually – on why Kharkov happened. The people’s republics and Russia never had enough men to defend a 1,000 km-long frontline. NATO’s entire intel capabilities noticed – and profited from it.

There were no Russian Armed Forces in those settlements: only Rosgvardia, and these are not trained to fight military forces. Kiev attacked with an advantage of around 5 to 1. The allied forces retreated to avoid encirclement. There are no Russian troop losses because there were no Russian troops in the region.

Arguably this may have been a one-off. The NATO-run Kiev forces simply can’t do a replay anywhere in Donbass, or in Kherson, or in Mariupol. These are all protected by strong, regular Russian Army units.

It’s practically a given that if the Ukrainians remain around Kharkov and Izyum they will be pulverized by massive Russian artillery. Military analyst Konstantin Sivkov maintains that, “most combat-ready formations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are now being grounded (…) we managed to lure them into the open and are now systematically destroying them.”

The NATO-run Ukrainian forces, crammed with NATO mercenaries, had spent 6 months hoarding equipment and reserving trained assets exactly for this Kharkov moment – while dispatching disposables into a massive meat grinder. It will be very hard to sustain an assembly line of substantial prime assets to pull off something similar again.

The next days will show whether Kharkov and Izyum are connected to a much larger NATO push. The mood in NATO-controlled EU is approaching Desperation Row. There’s a strong possibility this counter-offensive signifies NATO entering the war for good, while displaying quite tenuous plausible deniability: their veil of – fake – secrecy cannot disguise the presence of “advisers” and mercenaries all across the spectrum.

Decommunization as de-energization

The Special Military Operation (SMO), conceptually, is not about conquering territory per se: it is, or it was, so far, about protection of Russophone citizens in occupied territories, thus demilitarization cum denazification.

That concept may be about to be tweaked. And that’s where the tortuous, tricky debate on Russia mobilization fits in. Yet even a partial mobilization may not be necessary: what’s needed are reserves to properly allow allied forces to cover rear/defensive lines. Hardcore fighters of the Kadyrov contingent kind would continue to play offense.

It’s undeniable that Russian troops lost a strategically important node in Izyum. Without it, the complete liberation of Donbass becomes significantly harder.

Yet for the collective West, whose carcass slouches inside a vast simulacra bubble, it’s the pysops that matters much more than a minor military advance: thus all that gloating on Ukraine being able to drive the Russians out of the whole of Kharkov in only four days – while they had 6 months to liberate Donbass, and didn’t.

So, across the West, the reigning perception – frantically fomented by psyops experts – is that the Russian military were hit by that “hammer blow” and will hardly recover.

Kharkov was preciously timed – as General Winter is around the corner; the Ukraine issue was already suffering from public opinion fatigue; and the propaganda machine needed a boost to turbo-lubricate the multi-billion dollar weaponizing rat line.

Yet Kharkov may have forced Moscow’s hand to increase the pain dial. That came via a few well-placed Mr. Khinzals leaving the Black Sea and the Caspian to present their business cards to the largest thermal power plants in northeast and central Ukraine (most of the energy infrastructure is in the southeast).

Half of Ukraine suddenly lost power and water. Trains came to a halt. If Moscow decides to take out all major Ukraine substations at once, all it takes is a few missiles to totally smash the Ukrainian energy grid – adding a new meaning to “decommunization”: de-energization.

According to an expert analysis, “if transformers of 110-330 kV are damaged, then it will almost never be possible to put it into operation (…) And if this happens at least at 5 substations at the same time, then everything is kaput. Stone age forever.”

Russian government official Marat Bashirov was way more colorful: “Ukraine is being plunged into the 19th century. If there is no energy system, there will be no Ukrainian army. The matter of fact is that General Volt came to the war, followed by General Moroz (“frost”).

And that’s how we might be finally entering “real war” territory – as in Putin’s notorious quip that “we haven’t even started anything yet.”

A definitive response will come from the RSG in the next few days.

Once again, a fiery debate rages on what Russia will do next (the RGS, after all, is inscrutable, except for Yoda Patrushev).

The RGS may opt for a serious strategic strike of the decapitating kind elsewhere – as in changing the subject for the worse (for NATO).

It may opt for sending more troops to protect the front line (without partial mobilization).

And most of all it may enlarge the SMO mandate – going to total destruction of Ukrainian transport/energy infrastructure, from gas fields to thermal power plants, substations, and shutting down nuclear power plants.

Well, it could always be a mix of all of the above: a Russian version of Shock and Awe – generating an unprecedented socio-economic catastrophe. That has already been telegraphed by Moscow: we can revert you to the Stone Age at any time and in a matter of hours (italics mine). Your cities will greet General Winter with zero heating, freezing water, power outages and no connectivity.

A counter-terrorist operation

All eyes are on whether “centers of decision” – as in Kiev – may soon get a Khinzal visit. This would signify Moscow has had enough. The siloviki certainly did. But we’re not there – yet. Because for an eminently diplomatic Putin the real game revolves around those gas supplies to the EU, that puny plaything of American foreign policy.

Putin is certainly aware that the internal front is under some pressure. He refuses even partial mobilization. A perfect indicator of what may happen in winter is the referenda in liberated territories. The limit date is November 4 – the Day of National Unity, a commemoration introduced in 2004 to replace the celebration of the October revolution (it already existed in imperial times).

With the accession of these territories to Russia, any Ukrainian counter-offensive would qualify as an act of war against regions incorporated into the Russian Federation. Everyone knows what that means.

It may now be painfully obvious that when the collective West is waging war – hybrid and kinetic, with everything from massive intel to satellite data and hordes of mercenaries – against you, and you insist on conducting a hazily-defined Special Military Operation (SMO), you may be up for some nasty surprises.

So the SMO status may be about to change: it’s bound to become a counter-terrorist operation.

This is an existential war. A do or die affair. The American geopolitical /geoeconomic goal, to put it bluntly, is to destroy Russian unity, impose regime change and plunder all those immense natural resources. Ukrainians are nothing but cannon fodder: in a sort of twisted History remake, the modern equivalents of the pyramid of skulls Timur cemented into 120 towers when he razed Baghdad in 1401.

If may take a “hammer blow” for the RSG to wake up. Sooner rather than later, gloves – velvet and otherwise – will be off. Exit SMO. Enter War.

read more here:

Last edited 2 months ago by Iren

50,000 Russian troops were participating in war games in the far East when the Russian forces around Kharkov were forced to retreat due to lack of troops.


Our commander in chief knows better how to properly prioritize the army, He knows better than you what he is doing. Don’t poke your crooked Jewish nose into other people’s business!


Dude is insane in the membrane.

Dr. Leon Tressell

Your racist hatred is despicable

Yamil Perez dumb Faggot

You don’t even know what racism means you despicably stupid cretin.


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What business, oppression and mafia “business”? You get your stinky fingers out from where they don’t belong!


Russian troops retreat to save precious lives and to leave their opposition stuck in another part of the land from where they are to go next.


Blah blah blah. Sectism paranoia talk. Constant self occupied non important person.


As I have said
Let the Ukrainians cross the rivers
Its only price will be Ukraine.


The name Ukraine was first time mentioned by the Kazaks under Hmelnitskim after they defeated Polish army at Zhovti Vody.

jens holm

That a very incorrect filthy lie. If You use it, You at least should define it into the used context.

You cant even translate it into the local slavic languages.

You deny the many changes during times adn the name replacements for a very vast area more or less with a very connected history in peace and war.

It fa make a lot of sense the name for most of it was Ruthenia, where Moskva was the primitive back yard. Here You for a long period got rulers named Ruriks.

Its a landscape name, where mot of it was very light populated. It also had isome few very bif´f town and important trade routes.

You use it as a segregation as if they were no state and dont exist before it becam a state name or named as a kind of.

The real thing is the whole thing and much more more was runned by big mainly Feudals having land and castle to run the whole area. What You try to insist meant nothing.

In those many almost unindependent enclaves You had upperclass leaders. All of them ovned many b´vilaged with very mixted populations and most villages was divided into poles, ruthenians, rpoumanians, galixians, russians, jews, romas and the many smaller minorities.

So if You look at the Ukraine name it was a practical name for dividings by wars. where You fx much later landed having a west Ukraine, where You also had an east and by that also a West.

The article tell the Russian version about it. It says the winners af West Ukraine gave no independensy for the local galizian poles/ukras(galizia 50% each. The eastern part had no real borders just as we see or should see it today. You fx in north east has Russian speaking moe or less Russians BUT they feel much more connected to Old Kiev.

So the article is a god one. It tells how complicatedit was. The kras fx wanted to have their own communisme not driven by Moskva.The communists did not allow them to be themself even they or big minority actually was communist(kind of Stalinisme).

Banderas was a prodct of the 1917 Nationalisme until Polamnd too it defeating Russia too. And he was a late product and no Nazis desperat to make at least some Autonomi for the Ukra slaves there and tryed in 4 years. Gestapo took him in prison as hardheaded and brutal Nationalist but also relased him He seemes to be a violent bad determninat person kiling many. BUT he was NON NAZI. .

And its very visible.The ned Ukra state for very good reasons also has very mixted feelings for such a kend of freedomfighter.

Jens Assholm

Your monkeypox infested mouth is filthy (shithole) you moronic animal from CIA gay brothel in Aarhus.
Here’s some facts for you clueless and brainless animal: so called “Ukraine” never existed, the very name means “borderland” and nothing else. The real name was Malorussia – Little Russia. Ruthenia was a latinized name for Rus(sians), Kiev was a Russian city just as Novgorod, Vladimir, Ryzan etc etc, and Denmark was a primitive stinky swamp full of savages, now it’s full of shemale degenerates like you.

I didn’t bother to read the rest of your idiotic gibberish, it’s a waste of time just your entire failed animal existence. Go fuck yourself to death – and beyond.

Last edited 2 months ago by Jens Assholm
jens holm

You mix up the names. I never has said Ukraine was one contry and with that name. It is or was a very big mainly thin populated landscape. Thats a normal thing You do that.

Syria was only a landscape until the French took over. It had no harbour connections. There was small semistates along the coast the first and last part of Khartago included. But it also covered Jordan, the Wesbank and all the way to almost Aqaba.

Syrians of today proudly annone they are older then Israel. How comes. They were no state since Mongols destoyed the Khalifat Bagdad/Damaskus.

After that they were Romans, East Romans and then Ottomans.

So Syria is a new created state added Turkmen, Kurds and others in north. Ever since that, they have been fighting about that too and with spelling and letter disputes too.

Just as Ukraine its a malfunction.

And how primitive were they and we. Ruthenia was made as a big loose state, which after that went to be Kiev Russia.

So where do You put Poles, Lituanians, Cosssacs and Tatars in this???? Even the Khazars was in Luhansk and Donetsk for some time.

jens holm

And Our dirty Vikings actually made it by international trade by Volga and Dnepjr to China and Bagdad by Konstantinopel.


Kiev was and is the center, russia is the outskirts. Moscow didn’t even exist. St Petersburg didn’t exist either going back a bit longer. Kiev did, so what are you babbling about with your ghey homo aggressive manner?


Kiev was also owned by Russia at the time.
shitty little fake state didnt even last at its inception
swallowed back up by Russia for same reason it will be swallowed today, and you will go back to shoveling shit and coal like a good slave.
maybe you would know that if you were not a twelve year old gay curious wanka!
Slava that in your soup!


Bandera was a Nazi because he believed that only those with Ukrainian blood should live in Ukraine – the rest should be physically exterminated. And he gladly helped the Nazis do so!

jens holm

If You say so. He was a fascist and released by the Nazis to make a fight against the comming communists. He also meant all jews should be killed.

Billy bean

Prepare for the collapse of the Russian empire.

jens holm

The best might be to by kind of friendly and wear helmet too.


I just read Russia had 50,000 troops at the army exercises with China.
They didn’t have enough troops to hold the Kharkov region but they had 50,000 troops just fucking around.
Why don’t you silly tricks and sheep discuss that for awhile.

jens holm

A country has to guard all borders. They have China and very much USA there.

The lack in the mighty Russian very big miitary forces are as so much as Russia QUALITY. As we see it also has included bad plans and believing in on propaganda.


Listen, there was no Ukrainian republic, there was the Russian Empire, and Ukraine, translated into English, is the outskirts, that is, the edge of the Russian Empire. During the revolution, they tried to break away as they do now, but they all crossed it very quickly. There was no official republic!! Jew
Lenin was already building his Jewish plans then. He broke the Great Empire into republics, with the right to secede from the USSR, This is the Rockefeller plan, he financed Lenin, their plans are always 100 years in advance. According to this, the USSR broke up into republics.
Here’s the whole truth. Study history in the archives, not Wikipedia.

Dr. Leon Tressell

You are talking complete nonsense and clearly do not know what you are talking about. Plus stop it with the racist hatred of Jews. 27 millions Soviet citizens died at the hands of the anti semites of Nazi Germany.

jens holm

It was 20 and million died by Stalin and bad conditions.

jens holm

Thats right. But actually it was Pilsutsky old land Poland which defeated West Ukraine back.

The border was kept and very visible by the Stalin line from Murmansk by Kiev to Odessa. So You write about the disputes in East ukraine only. Its a kind of importance, that it included some 25% of Belarus too.

And it is in wikipedia too.

Too many and maybe You too ignore that many and not only Rockefeller knew Russia would be an outdated crashlander. Not many saw the prolepars as winners.

they compared with the other empires and Kingdoms. Tzars were family in a bad situation made by them too. So they compared with their own solution, which were Kings should decide less or almost nothing or clean the house making a republik or several.

The Empire was collapsed and ourdated. So – as You write – a split up could make solutions to restore usefull parts well.

I was the same for England. They withdrew for their conclusion: No matter what those ruler were, they would need to trade with ud. Archangelsk, Leningrad, Riga.


No offense but Ukrainia was the frontier long before there was a Russian Empire. Like thousands of years. The Neeper was long a major-league border. Crimea was settled by Greeks allegedly close to 1500 years before your precious Kiev-Rus, which is more foreigners settling in other people’s lands.
The indigenous probably hated the Swedes as much as the Rus. Then again, they were all Aesirians, Far East Asian nomads, who’d been roaming Siberia and Asia and Europe to at least Finland for at least 5K years. Look how easy it is to realize that Kiev is Chuvan. Chuvan are Siberian peoples. They been around 10-40000 years.


Nonsense. Every country in the world was frontier in some way or other but Ukraine actually means “frontier”, frontier of medieval Rus’ sometimes called Kievan Rus because Kiev was Russian capital (no one ever called it Kievan back then, only Rus). Not Chuvan, it was never Chuvan capital so your example/ lame dumb fallacies are just clueless and retarded, no offense. Back in 1917 it’s was the territory of the Russian empire and it was called Malorussia, before German occupiers created some puppet quisling bandit entity called “ukraine” based of fake “nation” created by Austrians to weaken Russia. Then Lenin (German agent) adopted this fake nation because he also hated Russia. And who the fuck are “Aesirians”?

jens holm

I understand Ukraine as borderland, which is no border but a between territory.

Is very big and has had many owners because its easy to take and easy to loose but difficult to keep. The value of it also has been relative low.

I say west ukriane, St Peterburg, Moskva and down to about Rostov Donestk. My mind says so.

Its very difficult. The site might accept the name for the old Tzar Districts are not countries of this link for 1906,


What to talk about with you? Are you from the moon?

jens holm

Nice to see sober versions as well as it goes. You seemes to focus on the southern part. Fine with me. Thank You.

You might be right about the local hostality as You descriebe it. Vikings took over because none others could calm down things. They by that got their trade route and could sell the nasty ones as slaves too.


In Russian, Ukraine is written as “Украина” in the nominative form, feminine proper noun. This is a compounded word, from two Russian words, “У” and “Край” The Russian word “Край” is a masculine noun, and from Russian to English is translated as “the edge”, referencing the edge of the Empire during Imperial Russia prior to 1917

Russian and Ukrainian languages have several things in common. First, is all nouns have 6 forms, with nominative as the first one form. All nouns also are either considered masculine, feminine or neuter, determined by the final letter in the noun in the nominative form. One of the few exceptions would be the word papa, “Папа” which has an “a” as the final letter, but since it refers to a father it is a masculine noun. All adjectives have three genders, a masculine, feminine, and a neuter form, and the gender of the adjective should match the gender of the noun.

Now why is this important, the word clown in Russian is “клоун” ending in a consonant that it is a masculine noun. The masculine gender of the word “big” is “большой” the feminine and neuter genders of the adjective big “большая” and “большое” respectively.

Finally the name Zelensky in Russian is “Зеленский”. So now that everyone who go to the end, I will end this post with one Russian phrase that everyone should understand in Russian.

Зеленский большой клоун.


Word “kraj” as such exist in other Slavic languages as well.


Krac or Craic was still used during crusader times as a fortress, wall or border post.

jens holm

He is great compared to, what they had.


Thank You. It is all very interesting to show that CIA, before sending them to troll SF, don’t teach them a word of russian or russian history. American primacy of Ignorance.


what did the lithuanians call it when they ran it? same as the poles when they ran it? what did the austro hungarian empire call it when they ran it?
Ukraine in its history has managed a massive TWO years (1918-1920) as an independent state in its entire history since someone uttered the slang that is its name.
Bangladesh has a more coherent ascension to statehood than the “Toilet” that is western ukraine ever will.
I imagine it will just disappear for another 100 yrs again until some poor leader feels sorry for the mixed breeds again.


Land and there riches within for those who covet that either “don’t have it” or “no longer have it” always make revisionist history PO$$IBLE!…

Then it’s up to the “winners” after the “dust settles” when those “have nots” get made worse off than the “haves” of course!…


As prologue… I think it’s time for Russia’s “changing of the guards” at the top to make sure revisionist history by the West doesn’t take place again!!!

Last edited 2 months ago by Matt
jens holm

Im so tired of reading that outdated crap. You cant fullfill any dreams as long as you cant even produce enough modern weapons.

And this is not about west at all. If You dont produce, You have nothimg to share. Its as simple as that.

Very much is the same for the socalled 3rd world socalled countries.


Thanks jh for reminding me that the Junta leader of that government that was overthrown 8 years ago who use to play the piano with his peni$ for a living is “winning”!…

Last edited 2 months ago by Matt
jens holm

None has a penis that long. lol

Jens Assholm

Holmo-retard you are so tired of sucking Yankee dicks and puking endless diarrhea from your filthy autistic gay mouth. Just die already and close that shithole forever.

Miki Miric

Ne dajte se braćo Rusi,svi slobodni narodi gledaju u vas, opet ste na braniku slobode, ali i na braniku svoje otadžbine, ovaj naprijatelj je daleko gori i opasniji od Hitlera,bolje naoružani.Daleko ih je više,ali ne sumnjamo u vas braćo.

jens holm

You are the reason for we never want You tobe memeberof EU and Nato. Many in youghurt Slavia would be happy, if tYouleft to fx Russia. and the LGBTs too.


Fuuuck your EUnuch Union of LGBT yankee slaves.

jens holm

Whats better?

Pamfil Military Academy

Sorry but always the winners write the history, off course in their favor ALWAYS. So better to get serious and win this war unless to write your ‘history’. Seems ukrop nazis know this very well.

Muhammad your Prophet

The Putin cockroaches in Moscow are now openly talking about killing civilians as if they were Ukrainian soldiers. Maybe by murdering all the Ukrainian civilians they can murder they would have a chance to win the war. The only problem is the Putin terrorists have already been murdering civilians and destroying all civilian infrastructure since the start of the special moronic operation and they still got completely destroyed and humiliated.


That’s funny, because you say they have destroyed infrastructure from the beginning, while another person around here that looks down on them like you, he’s saying Russia is not even capable to destroy any infrastructure, because “they’re not even good for that”.

You person that learned Ukraine existed this year, you also need to learn that started as a civil war, regions disagreed with what happened before and after the 2014 coup planned by UA and USA, the east wanted a type of federation, the west declared them separatists and they started to attack them, since the UA army didn’t want to attack civilians, the Nazi battalions were more than willing to do that, a reason why they became part of the UA army. UA has many ethnic groups, among them, ethnic Russians, who wish to have now their own country or being part of the Russian Federation.

There are many Telegram groups now sharing personal information of the Ukrainians they call collaborationist, many have already died at the hands of UA, unlike what you must have heard in some pro UA account, it exists all those groups, as proof, plus pictures, videos of AFU and Nazis capturing, torturing and killing those civilians that will be blame to Russia, of course. Thanks to you, who doesn’t even know what are you supporting, because western mainstream media told you “Russia bad”, now I’ve learned the narrative Ukraine will use for those ethnic cleanses and massacres.

John Tosh

Russia cannot mobilize now. It has to prepare for the war with the USA. This is when full mobilization is needed. The only way to stop the threats against Russia is a head on collision with the USA.

Ukraine is a roach which can be stamped out as soon as the mother of the roach (NATO) stops giving birth to baby roaches.

Poland is a much fatter roach and would require a lot of skills to end its infestation.

The key is taking out the mother roach and letting the roach babies die of lack of food, armaments, fuel and money.


Interesting that “Stolypin” says people with no identity are manure.
Thomas Jefferson referred to the blood of patriots who died reminding Tyrants of the people’s spirit of Resistance, as the manure of personal Liberty.
It’s a case of comme si, comme sa. Six a one, half dozen of another.


The Bolsheviks took over because Russia was being annihilated in the First World War. Without Stalin, Hitler would have either murdered or enslaved every Soviet citizen. When the USSR was betrayed in 1991, the subsequent chaos led to millions of excess deaths. It is not clear that Russia can survive now, unless Bolshevik methods are returned to.


Nonsense. Germans took less land in WW1 in 3 years than in WW2 in 3 weeks. And they lost WW2. Bolsheviks took over because Nicholas allowed Anglo-Zios to destroy his country from within, the first revolution in was in February by pro-western Navalny-Zelensky style scum Kerensky. He destroyed Russia in a few months, more than Bolsheviks.

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do you mean the bolsheviks Stalin had liquidated to consolidate power?
or the ones who survived he had at the front of assault groups and NKVD at their backs?
or the ones who woke up with icepicks in their ears in Mexico on the run from Joe?
try again.
Russia is nOt the one about to freeze this winter of discontent!!


Russophobia existed for centuries in Europe, it’s not recent, there are books, memories and passages written by different Europeans always looking down on them and sometimes saying very odious things. Meanwhile western media keep promoting it, for example, in Germany, people can’t even notice all the misinformation they receive to hate not only on Russia, even to China, “surprise”, the 2 geopolitical targets of the west. You don’t wage those wars the next morning, it takes times to set the “terrain” for them.


The russian empire should go back to be ruled by Kiev and not let Russia stroll away to be the sect weirdo cousin on the countryside they became. Now they even talk about Eurasia since they don’t fit or can compete with either Europe or South Asia. It’s like a socialist specials Olympic continuous trauma on repeat and now on display for the world.

WT Baker

For one important fact 5he U.S. population has been lied to and has had it’s true history witheld. The entire early process of the founding of what would become a constitutional republic, 1630-1754, has been deleted from the unknowing minds of the people. One might want to go to and get the famous book ” How the Nation was Won” by the late H. Graham Lowry, published in 1988.


non-sense! 75% of CCCP people voted in a referendum that they wanted to keep the CCCP united. The “nationalisms” that putin (and this turkul guy) decry were non-existing in 1990. They were jump started with help of USA money given to putin’s mentor and selector, the repulsive traitor/drunkard thief and sell-out to the west, boris yelsin. So Putin was totally dishonest when he blamed lenin/stalin’s policies for creating the nationalisms and did not mention at all the actions in the 1990s by the USA and his drunkard mentor (nor tsarism’s brutal repression of the non-russian people before 1917).