HTS And Friends Get Punished, As Assad And Putin Exchange Praises

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HTS And Friends Get Punished, As Assad And Putin Exchange Praises
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In Syria’s Greater Idlib, rumors regarding a large-scale ground operation continue.

While there is still no development, the activities of the so-called “moderate opposition” still need to be contained.

The Russia’s Aerospace Forces (VKS) do the brunt of the heavy-lifting by carrying out almost daily air strikes.

On September 15th alone, the VKS dished out 12 strikes on the northwestern region.

The Russian air strikes hit positions located near the towns of Zurzur, al-Hammammah and Darkush in the western countryside of Idlib. The three towns are situated a few kilometers away from the border with Turkey.

A day earlier, sources close to Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) claimed that several Russian service members were killed in an attack in southern Greater Idlib. These claims remain unverified.

Alongside all of the ceasefire violations by HTS and the other al-Qaeda-affiliated factions in the region, Israel also carries out regular strikes on alleged Iranian or pro-Iranian groups in Syria.

Early on September 15, a number of loud explosions were reported at a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) base to the west of the Syrian capital Damascus.

The base is located between the towns of Khan Alsheh and Zakyah, approximately 50 km away from Israel. The explosions were reported by several Syrian sources a few hours after a series of mysterious air strikes that targeted the Syrian-Iraqi border line.

Still, the situation in Syria is under relative control, as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could afford to travel to Moscow for the first time in 5 years and meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Many praises were exchanged, and it was a standard meeting repeating many of the previous statements.

It was concluded that 90% of the territories were under Damascus control and the terrorists and opposition had been punished quite a bit, but the fight against them would continue until full consolidation is reached.

The main issue that the Syrian government faces is the presence in some parts of the country of foreign armed forces without any mandate from the United Nations or Damascus’ permission.

The premiere foreign presence is that of Turkey (and the United States), which provides security for militants in pockets of resistance. In these areas the terrorists and opposition control part of the territory, in which they continue to terrorize peaceful civilians.

According to the both leaders, the fight will continue and the Syrian and Russian forces will further punish terrorism and liberate new territories until all of the Arab Republic is under Damascus control and normality can fully return.

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The Objective

You can keep dreaming about restoring the status quo not only in Syria but also the entire Muslim world. I tell you what, we cannot go back to yesterday regardless of what deals Russia and the U.S make over Syria and the region. Today we have a strong and brave Muslim country willing to take the risk of all-out war to protect not only Syria’s 80% Sunni Muslims but also Muslims in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, U.A.E, Saudi, Jordan, Morocco, and may others. Erdogan’s latest comments have been that of strong message to countries like Russia who think they are dealing with another Crimea-like situation.
Come 2023, you’ll know the real power of Turkey.
As a reminder, don’t forget that Russia cannot liberate Idlib by force of arms. We have punished Russian-backed Christian militias in Syria as much as Russia has dropped bombs in Idlib. SDF is under Russian protection but Turkey has upped the ante with serious drone strikes that have assassinated their top leaders, inflicted heavy casualties, and done a great deal of material damage. SF of course doesn’t report most of these strikes.
Putin can try to bully Turkey into submission like he bullied Ukraine just months ago with massive deployments on the border with Ukraine. But he should be ready to face a more deadly Taliban, this time in Syria.

Last edited 1 month ago by The Objective
Chris Gr

Gog and Allies Attack Israel

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So what does this all mean?

Chris Gr

Turkey = Magog
Persia = Iran
Ethiopia = Sudan
Libya = Berbers
Gomer = Circassians
Togarmah = Chechens
Meshesh = Georgians
Tubal = Pontics

The Objective

Your bible cannot be considered a holy book because bible has been tampered with, that’s why there isn’t a unified bible.

Chris Gr

Maybe but this thing exists though.


So MAYGOG is evil and GOG IS GOOD?

Tommy Jensen

Yes David Joseph Goldstein, we know exactly what you mean.

Chris Gr

I am not an Ashkenazi you troll!


Ain´t worked for german´s in WW2! Where were he?

Chris Gr

Hitler was the second Antichrist of Nostradamus. The first was Napoleon. The third will be Arab and MABUS? Maybe MBS?

Tommy Jensen

Taliban in Syria facing Turkey???


Why did you paid for th aeroplane that you shooted down and have presented apologys for the killed ambassador? Keep dreaming, it´s allowed to all but thinking that the other Arab countrys is with turkey is taking us all for fools. You are new seaking normalization of relations with the one´s you have been taunting because your economy isn´t o.k and depend of Importation of your product´s to Russia, even baufgt russian S400 to not be coupt again and you take us for fools?

Chris Gr

Russia and Turkey want Syria to be united. US and Iran want Syria divided. Russia want SAA to win all of Syria while Turkey want FSA to win all of Syria. USA want small secular states while Iran want small islamic states.

In the end, I think that Russia and US will ally to kick Turkey and Iran out of Syria. And this won’t be really bad but they will use bad actors and groups like YPG or some other radicals.


So, Russia and the US, entities trying to “unite” Syria under groups hostile to each other will “ally”? Logic, please…?

Last edited 1 month ago by Poppadop
Chris Gr

Russia wants Syria united. US wants Syria divided. Iran also wants Syria divided. They have no problem with Syria breaking into many states as long as these states are not US-friendly and arms go to Hezbollah with no interruption.

Iran had a problem back in 2011 if pro-Saudi groups controlled Damascus. But now Saudis are kicked out from Syria and Turks are all in. And guess what. Erdogan is the most pro-Iranian president Turkey has had and Khamenei is Azeri. So they will cooperate. If Turkey takes Aleppo and Mosul and Iran takes Baghdad and Damascus then both will be happy. But neither Russia nor the US want something like that. But US is destroying itself. So another power will rise in Syria, like France or Germany. But France and Germany are not really anti-Russia like US is so they will cooperate with Russia on subjects like terroristic threats.

The Objective

The thing is, I can’t see Russia or the U.S reshaping Syria in a secular image. This is a war between Islam and Christian invaders and will soon become clear to all. It’s a crusade against Islamic rule. They use vague terms like terrorism, extremism, fundamentalists, etc to obscure the true motive behind Christian military interventions whose sole motivation is the prevention of Shariah ruling any part of the world. This is why they are so freaked out about Afghanistan. Their fear is that Afghanistan will be an inspiration for other Muslim communities. However, it’s much too late for the Christian world. Your crusade is coming to an end and believe me Muslims are angry like never before. It is this anger that is driving policies of Turkey, Pakistan, Qatar, and the Muslim protesters in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, etc.
There will be a bloodbath between the Muslims and Christians at a scale never seen in human history. Russia vs Turkey/Pakistan/Azerbaijan/Qatar may be the opening gambit, but I think Iran will also rain hell of Saudi Arabia. How I wish someone will launch missiles at those Saudi oil infrastructure. Burn the oil wealth to the ground and the masses will suffer and remember Allah. Oil wealth has corrupted many Arab populations to completely embrace the world and turn a blind eye to widespread evil and injustice.
There is only one good thing I can see out of this Saudi Yemen war: that is, Iran arming the houthis to burn that evil House of Saud down. The House of Saud is the central pillar of evil in the Middle East. Bring it down and you’ve changed the Status quo for good. The U.A.E should also not be spared. Egypt is nothing without these two. And the West is nothing without the MBZ, MBS, and El-Sisi the devils.
The faith of the Middle East seems to lie in the Yemen war. No wonder Biden is so anxious for Riyadh to end the war. He’s even threaten the Saudis with by withdrawing and withholding military support, and yet MBS is unable to end the war despite trying hard to do so.
Iran can help the Muslim world by shipping more advanced missiles to the Houthis. Just target the oilfields, electric grids, and desalination plants. It’ll lead to a uprising that Saudi monarch cannot control.

Icarus Tanović

The Thing is John Carpenter’s film.

Last edited 1 month ago by Icarus Tanović
the jimmy legs

exactly as how it should be hahahahah

Richard Hoard



Good. No compromise.

Tommy Jensen

Next time Israel do it again, we will give Syria the S-300 if Israel do it again.


Syria will get hit until they remove any presence of Hezbollah and Iranian forces from our border, we are not obliged to any ceasefire agreement only to our own interests (and that includes the nuclear deal too). Assad can still sit at his throne if he cooperates with us, but one mistake of dead Israelis from his territory and not even Russia will save him for our wrath. Regarding Russia, someone need to tell those Kremlin guys that Bibi is no longer in power and we don’t do what they want. Israel comes first, they should not forget it.