Hungarian TV: 300 Islamic Extremists Are Trained by German Army (Video)

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Berlin not only opens Europe’s doors to millions of potential Islamic State (IS) terrorists, but also trains them.

Hungarian TV: 300 Islamic Extremists Are Trained by German Army (Video)

Georg Spottle (Photo:

At least 300 Islamic extremists have infiltrated the German Army, where they will receive training, needed for carrying out of attacks, a security expert Georg Spottle said, speaking on Hungarian TV-news.

Germans no longer make up the majority of the country’s combat units – about 60% of them have a migratory background, while 1/4 of the entire German army is represented by migrants, Spottle stated, citing an article in one of the most respected Germany’s newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Hungary often finds itself at odds with EU policies – now its government strongly resists any suggestion by leaders of France and Germany to apportion refugees among the EU members. For this reason, sometimes, Hungarian media present its own point of view on the events, which is often not covered by the mainstream western media.

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60% not Germans. They can’t wait to fuck your women you dumb bastards. I have been to Turkey a few times. The men there love to fuck the European bitches. Next conversion to Islam. Congrats!

Jens Holm

You should have stayed.


I value my head.


excellent video for students of german language. that dude talks really fast. interesting to try and understand as he babbles

Jens Holm

No, the language is hungarian. There is no prove for or against its true 300 radical islamists has joined the army, but they could be, bacause its seen before. he says germans will try to reduce the amount of them by tests – or whatever.

Other countries has it too.

And well – my self about – I see german TV often and it has not made any headlines there. It might, but it can also be a lame duck.

There are fast text in english below. You can try it again and again.

We have the same problem here – some could be radikals and violent ones getting free military training.