IDF Seized Weapons Workshop In Western Bank (Video, Map)


The media wing of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claimed that the IDF and security forces had seized a weapons workshop in the city of Nablus in Western Bank on January 15. According to the IDF, the Israelis captured 6 weapons-manufactoring machines on the site.

The very same report claimed that efforts of the IDF and security forces have allowed to decrease the number of attacks in Israel by 54% since 2015.

IDF Seized Weapons Workshop In Western Bank (Video, Map)

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  • Garga

    Yeah, “weapons workshop”. Right.
    Just like their tunnels which they say they find without showing the locations, etc., there’s a short footage of “a” workshop with a couple of milling and press machines, the types you can find in any metal workshop, then picture of 2 disassembled guns and immediately they pander to emotions of the viewer by showing scared civilians. Like we don’t know anything about scared civilian Palestinians, Lebanese or Syrians. All these while a sad music plays.
    Satanyahoo’s government is scratching the bottom of the propaganda barrel indeed.

    What is the law-abiding IDF doing in Nablus by the way? Cleaning the occupied territory? The same thing they say and say and say about the Gestapo.

  • verner

    no problem there – it’s idf’s own supplies put in a basement somewhere, photographed and made public to the world as proof of the threats israel is subjected to while it is proof that israel can’t stop lying (and murdering and running a concentration camp a la hitler’s best). so with other words – another israeli false flag operation – to secure that the almost destitute states of A doesn’t feck off home to take care of its own population and rebuild the falling down infrastructure.

    • Rob

      Palestine cannot produce weapons of mass destruction but Israel and ISIS can. The thugs of Washington smuggle entire plants of WMDs to Israel and to ISIS.

  • Hephie

    If the world (rightly) believes that the French Resistance had the legal and moral right to arm themselves and take out foreign occupiers in the Second World War, by the very same legal and moral reasons, Palestine’s beleaguered and occupied have the right to do the same.

  • LR captain

    lets be optimistic, if there were a true bust. Then it either the Israelis over reacted to a high school workshop (if the are any high schools left in the west bank)

    Or maybe the Palestinians were tipped off of the raid a managed to hide the weapons made there some placed else. (if so then it shows further evidence that the Zionist state is on borrowed time.)

  • FlorianGeyer

    It looks just like a workshop that repairs car parts etc to me. :)

  • Pave Way IV

    Looks like a pretty standard automotive engine machine shop. The terrorist valve grinder, crankshaft grinder of death and shoah surface mill must have tipped them off.

    Terror engine rebuilding must be stopped before it starts.

    • Vitex

      I wonder if they found some Zyklon B in there too.

      • Pave Way IV

        Isn’t that the stuff that gasser Macron was shooting out of the helicopters at his own people? That sadistic Rothschild fuck needs to be regime-changed.

    • d’Artagnan

      Palestinians are banned from any tools, gardening equipment or kitchen knives.The Nazis were more lenient.

  • R PLobo

    Must be a pretty deadly car seat. Seriously who needs to make guns when you can buy them directly from the iof dealer supplied by the USA wholesaler.

  • Vitex

    Meanwhile, Hamas seizes a weapons workshop in Israel.

  • d’Artagnan

    The little tool shed would hardly quality as an “arms factory”.