IDF Struck Gaza Strip In Response To Launch Of Arson Balloons Into Israel

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IDF Struck Gaza Strip In Response To Launch Of Arson Balloons Into Israel

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An aircraft of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) struck a Palestinian, who had “launched arson balloons into southern Israel” from the Gaza Strip, the IDF announced via its Twitter account on October 31.

The Gaza Health Ministry confirmed that the IDF had killed a 27-year-old Palestinian in the northern part of Gaza. The person was identified as Mohamed Abed la-Hai, a resident of the al-Shati refugee camp in Gaza City.

Palestinains often launch arson balloons as a wave to protest against Israeli actions in Gaza and the Western Bank as well as the Israeli discriminatory policy towards the Arab population. The IDF describes these actions as terroist attacks and kill people launching arson balloons on a cosntant basis.

On October 28, three 13-year-old Palestinians boys – Khaled Bassam Mahmoud Abu Saeed, Abdul Hameed Mohammed Abdul Aziz Abu Zaher and Mohammed Ibrahim Abdullah al-Sutari – were killed by the IDF in Gaza. According to the IDF, it struck three Palestinians who were attempting to place an IED near the border fence in southern Gaza.

On October 26, the IDF struck over 100 targets across the Gaza Strip after the Palestinian armed group known as Islamic Jihad had launched projectiles at Israeli targets. The projectiles were launched in response to deaths of six Palestinian civilians from Israeli fire during the rallies earlier on the same day.

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You can call me Al

ARSON BALLOONS = retaliation through genocide.

You disgusting pile of hooked nosed, inbred, low IQ, satanic bastards.

Look at that map above; this is the where humanity stands:
comment image


Nonsense. Jewish subhuman dogs struck the Gaza Strip because they hate humanity.

H Eccles

The headline sounds like it could’ve been writen by the IDF.

Have the journalists at Southfront been on one of those all expense paid trips to Tel Aviv..??

northerntruthseeker .

So let me get this straight.. Mossad agents launch a few balloons into Israel from their positions in the largest open air concentration camp on planet Earth aka the “Gaza Strip” and we are to believe that this ‘attack’ was launched by “terrorists” in the Gaza Strip?

If you honestly believe this bullshit, I have a few rivers, some canals, and some swamps to sell to you!

Reality check here, people… The psychos in Israel are using this ploy as their “excuse” to go and plaster Gaza again and kill thousands….


If the Jewish Zionists were nothing else that zombies, evil beasts out of hell and not human beings, it would be ashamed to belong to mankind.