War Preparations: IDF To Hold Large-Scale Military Exercise Next Summer

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War Preparations: IDF To Hold Large-Scale Military Exercise Next Summer

Israeli military exercises file photo.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) announced on January 20 plans to hold a large-scale military exercise next summer simulating full-scale, multi-front war.

“The structure of the exercise, which is being put together now, will include a scenario of a multi-front campaign in both the north and the south, in accordance with up-to-date and worst-case scenarios,” the IDF said in an official statement.

The military said the General Staff-level exercise, which will be held “in the air, at sea and on land,” is meant to increase the “preparedness and fitness for war.”

Conscripted and reservist units from every regional command, branch and directorate will participate in the exercise, which will be led by Maj. Gen. Moti Baruch, IDF’s General Staff Corps. A task force that has been formed specifically for this drill will aid Baruch.

Representatives from the cabinet, Defense Ministry, National Emergency Management Authority, Foreign Ministry and other security services will also take part in the drill.

“The exercise will simulate wide-scale, coordinated ground maneuvers behind enemy lines, based on the General Staff’s capabilities, as well as special forces operations,” the IDF’s statement reads. “During the month, all aspects of combat will be simulated — from multidimensional defense to limiting the threat of projectiles and denying victories for the enemy, while conducting a series of multi-faceted barrages to strike enemy weaponry, headquarters, training camps, infrastructure and command-and-control centers.”

The exact date and nature of the exercise are yet to be determined by the IDF, which citied coronavirus restrictions as the reason behind the delay.

Israel’s Maariv newspaper said the large-scale exercise will send a message to Iran, Syria and Lebanon’s Hezbollah. The newspaper’s speculation is on point. Israel constantly attempts to intimidate and deter “resistance” actors in the Middle East.


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