In Video: Drills Of Russia’s Strategic Nuclear Forces

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On December 9, the Russian Armed Forces of the Russian Federation held drills in the field of the control of strategic offensive forces. The drilsl involved the forces and means of the ground, naval and aviation components of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces.

“In the course of the event, practical actions were practiced for crews of launchers of the Strategic Missile Forces, crews of strategic missile carriers of long-range aviation of the Aerospace Forces and a nuclear missile submarine of the Northern Fleet.

Combat training launches of an intercontinental ballistic missile, a ballistic missile of a submarine, high-precision long-range air-launched cruise missiles were carried out from the Plesetsk State Test Cosmodrome, from the Barents Sea, as well as by Tu-160 and Tu-95MS aircraft from Engels and Ukrainka airfields.

Training strikes of strategic weapons were carried out at the Kura and Pemboy training grounds,” the Defense Ministry reported.


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