In Video: Helicopter Carrying Ballot Boxes Crashed In Iran

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In Video: Helicopter Carrying Ballot Boxes Crashed In Iran

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On June 19, a helicopter en route from the Ahmad Fadaleh area of Dezful crashed near Dezful, Iran.
One of the passengers, who reportedly was a security guard, was killed and 11 others were injured in the accident.

The Bell 214A Isfahan helicopter belonging to the 2nd Assault Group was reportedly carrying ballot boxes. The accident took place after the presidential elections in Iran.

On June 19, the hardline judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi became a new Iranian president.


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Sugar Dadddy 🍬

ahahahahahahaha…. more more more please…Stupid animals..on a weekly basis they are loosing their jets,tankers,helis, destroying own frigates.Iran is the king of me they said,shia is everywhere they said 😁 Fucuk Iran with heir supporters and religion.


“A weekly basis”lol, there sure is nothing wrong in that little head of yours xD you should watch military statistics when it comes to air incidents, Iran is barely different from any other nation. Israel,Turkey,the US, Russia routinely lose jets and helos, to nale only them. You should read more before rejoicing in senseless hate at every corner there ;-)

Sugar Dadddy 🍬

Sure you have colossal head and way of thinking your majesty.The countries you mentioned Us,Russia,Israel can replace their losses but a country under rightful sanction can renovate its fleet like the others do(no way) when this country barely find 3 rd class avionics for its T-rex era fighter jets from black market.Stop fooling your-self,Iran’s air-force-navy is bleeding.


I’m not posturing like you imply so keep some dignity. Spit cheap bullshit and approximative hyperbole and get called out for it, it’s as simple as that.

I never said it didn’t bleed, it’s only logical when a country without a fully capable self-sufficient aeronautics industry is subjected to decade after decades of the world’s most brutal , illegal and one-sided sanction regime from another criminal state engaging in outright state banditry that you clown dare call “rightful”, while you support genocide in Yemen and Gaza by countries enjoying full support from the same corrupt government, gimme a break. It’s a feat already if they’ve managed to keep the bulk of their fleet airworthy and retrofitted them with modernized weapon-systems and sensors overtime.

Ballistic missiles, air-defense and naval development have taken priority over anything airborne, since obviously a country in the situation of Iran can’t afford that luxury before sealing other tiers of its military, which it has consolidated with brio over the past 30 years, despite the MTCR and the like. HESA actually acquired the capability to build that Bell type albeit in very low production rates, ditto the Cobra (code-name “Toophan”) with HMS-linked weapons, Hellfire copies, and other fancy stuff, FYI.

As for planes, it can build around 80% of its needed spares,but indeed, has yet to be able to come up with pristine engines from A to Z, specially with heavy turbofans like the faulty TF-30 fitted in their F-14s. They’re still experimenting with J-79s and the like, but they’ll get there eventually when completely out of the embargo in concrete terms.

But pointing out the occasional mishap as some sort of telltale sign of an imminent collapse of the IRIAF’s inventory is what I call delusional, and that’s what’s you’ve been delving into above. Get a grip, it’s only a matter of time before Iran finally secures some level of crucial ToT and engages in joint-production endeavor with either Russia, China or even Pakistan and its JF-17s to replenish its forces. IN the meantime, their hefty amount of modernized F-14s, Mig-29s, and even F4s in AA configuration in a support role can do the trick of protective their airspace where it matters when doubled with its IADS.

And its most likely enemies know it full well despite regular saber rattling, namely Israel that relies exclusively on covert ops (of which some impressive high-profile hits absolutely), but wouldn’t even think of an overt strike, as Iran has both the way to take down their planes AND retaliate big time against their launchpads. Losing a Helo here and plane there every 3 or 4 years doesn’t change any calculus or the overall balance of power.

Last edited 1 month ago by Gryzor

CIA propaganda—Iran very advanced technologically
their exports increased nearly 30% in past 6 months

JC Denton

hateful dindu gonna hate

None of you

That new extremist President will not be allowed to leave his country anywhere he is wanted for killing thousands of people in Iran, if he leave his country he is dead he will be assassinate by Western intelligence.
Only 30%of Iranian voted it shows that Iranian people they started to wake up to realise that Muslim religious leaders have no place in the country politics. They are pure Satanic evil religious Muslim leaders.
They are killing for power then they pray next to mother of their victims.
Filthy Disgusting Radical Muslim

Last edited 1 month ago by None of you

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Last edited 1 month ago by yuri

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A clown like you

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incompetent amerikan made trash—obviously a CIA effort to install Homer Simpson in Iranian parliament

A clown like you

“IRGC dismantles terrorist, counterrevolutionary teams during election time in NW Iran: Commander”
“Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) forces have identified and dismantled three terrorist and counterrevolutionary teams in the country’s northwestern provinces of West Azarbaijan and Kordestan 10 days before the Friday presidential election.”

It is MEK and Sunnis in Iran again…like the last time and before that.