In Video: Iraqi ‘Resistance’ Group Blows Up US Supply Convoy Near Fallujah

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In Video: Iraqi ‘Resistance’ Group Blows Up US Supply Convoy Near Fallujah

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On March 11, an Iraqi armed group calling itself the International Resistance attacked a convoy carrying supplies and equipment for the US-led coalition in western Iraq.

The group’s cells targeted the convoy with an improvised explosive device as it was passing in the city of Fallujah in al-Anbar province. A video of the operation confirms that a truck carrying an armored vehicle was directly hit.

Iraqi security sources claimed that a civilian woman, who was passing near the convoy when the attack took place, was injured.

The Sabereen News, a Telegram channel affiliated with Iranian-backed groups in Iraq, reported that four other supply convoys of the US-led coalition were attacked in the following areas:

  • Al-Anbar province in western Iraq;
  • The city of al-Samawah in the southern province of al-Al Muthanna;
  • The city of Hillah in the central province of Babylon
  • On the Basrah- Nasiriyah highway in southern Iraq.

According to the Sabereen News, the attack on Basrah-Nasiriyah highway was carried out by an armed group called “Saraya Awli’a al-Dam.”

The recent attacks on US-led coalition convoys in Iraq are meant to pressure the US into pulling its troops out of the country. These attacks are a response to the assassination of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Deputy-Commander of the Popular Mobilization Units, and Iran’s Quds Force Commander Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani.

Iraqi “resistance” groups halted their attacks on the US-led coalition during the recent visit of Pope to the country. The operations were apparently resumed today.


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