In Video: Kurdish Rebels Burn Positions Of Turkish Proxies In Northern Syria

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The Afrin Liberation Forces (affiliated with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) announced that on November 27 their units launched at least 2 anti-tank guided missiles at positions of Turkish proxies in northern Syria. The attack, which took place near the village of Basuti, allegedly resulted in the killing of 5 Turkish-backed fighters.

In Video: Kurdish Rebels Burn Positions Of Turkish Proxies In Northern Syria

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Mean time Turkey commence to smash the fk outta middle east/gaystapo/sdf and the cia/unconstituate turds off the map for good,truth don’t care what any kweer ranting off,screw cia/frankfurt:

Jens Holm

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Willing Conscience (The Truths

And in response to the ALF attack the Turkish armed forces and their proxies attacked the Russian/SAA controlled areas with artillery and ground assaults.

27/11, 3 ATGM strikes against a TFSA base in Basute by ALF forces,
Turkish artillery shell Suganiki/Soxaneke village.

28/11, Turkish artillery shell Maranaz and Shawarighat al Arz,
Turkish proxies also try to infiltrate Ayn Daqnah but are repelled by ALF forces,
ALF shell Turkish occupied Azaz,
ALF attack Turkish proxies near Barad/Berad.

29/11, Clashes between Turkish proxies and ALF forces near Al Bab.

30/11, More Turkish shelling of Maranaz,
Clashes between ALF forces and Turkish proxies,
Also unconfirmed reports SAA retaliated against Turkish positions with their own artillery strikes,
Turkish army starts shelling the villages of Ayn Daqna, Beluniye and Minakh,
ALF shell Turkish held Kafr Kashir with rockets,
ALF raid Turkish positions near Kafr Kalbin.

1/12, Turkish artillery shelled Maranaz and Alqamiyah again,
TFSA fired heavy machine guns towards Maranaz and Alqamiyah.

I wonder why SF didn’t report on the Turkish retaliatory response to the ALF attack, and I also wonder how the Turks manage to avoid hitting any of the Russian or SAA soldiers who patrol this area of Aleppo, they’ve been “very lucky” so far to avoid hitting any Russian soldiers.


so much wasted amunition and 0 kills… do you even know how many euros those shells worth? bombarding blindly random villages every day..

Fleecing Rabbi

The Kurdish freedom fighters are a beacon of hope for the region and must be supported.


Great, i love VIDS showing Turk bitches roasted