In Video: Official Promo For Russian New Stealth Fighter Jet

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In Video: Official Promo For Russian New Stealth Fighter Jet

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New photo from Zhukovsky International Airport showing Russia’s new stealth fighter jet was allegedly leaked online.

At the same time, Russian Rostec corporation published the full version of the official promo video for the secret warplane that should be unveiled during MAKS-2021 on July 20. Judging by the video, the warplane will be mainly intended for export to the other countries.


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The Black Terror

Has Rostec been infiltrated by some Hollywood morons and degenerates or the US Pentagon? The promotional video is pointless and lacks any sense of reality without an actual operational aircraft.


Actually, even on US websites like TheDrive/TheWarZone Rostec has gotten praise for a “brilliant” campaign. Quite effective, i would say. You don’t market an export product for your home audience, but for abroad, and there it made huge waves in the military analyst community.


its to get also investors………..they do it quite well learnd from the Americans…


Yeah, it seems getting foreign investors to sign up is the main aim now. It is not engineering talent that is the problem, but missing billions of investor money (and market access because of US sanctions on Russian military sales).


The new Russian fighter gets more interesting the more one sees of it.

For one thing, it’s single engine. I thought the Russians had abandoned single engine designs. For another, it’s a “stealth” configuration similar to the Sukhoi 57, F 35 or J 20. For a third, it’s got a chin inlet like a J 10 or F 16. I can’t think offhand of any other Russian fighter with a chin inlet. Not one, though the MiG 33, which never got built, was supposed to have a chin inlet.

The serrated round exhaust is great for super maneuverability, not so great for “stealth”, but maneuverability is of far more use than “stealth”, anyway.

Notice that all “stealth” fighter aircraft being produced these days more or less look the same? That’s because form follows function. That’s also why all the “stealth” bombers are flying wings that resemble Batman airborne.

Well, going by the obsession on aviation websites, the advance publicity has more than achieved its purpose. The desperation on Amerikastani websites to try to belittle it – even without knowing a thing about it – is funny.

Nothing I said above means that I believe the fighter will become a reality in a hurry. The experience of 2014-15, when I awaited the T 14 Armata with bated breath – only to be still waiting seven years later – taught me a lesson about promotional hype.

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(And to post this comment above I had to first post an innocuous “testing”, then replace it in edit with the actual comment. Southfront is getting more and more annoying to comment on ever since it got rid of Disqus.)


About the Armata, you know that the tech they built for T14 has been integrated into T90? The T90 will soon be fitted with the new gun also, along with the improved protection system designed for the T14.
While Russia has thousands of tanks it can upgrade, it is as well off developing the T14 in small numbers, with the cost of superior tested equipment coming down due to more applications for them to be applied to. I’d imagine the T14 will eventually be taken into service with either a 140 or 152mm gun, but not mass produced. No need for so many new MBTs, NATO cannot match Russian tank numbers as it is and they certainly can’t afford to start mass producing a tank from scratch.
The Su57 seems to be another project the Russians have broken down to use in another guise. Its mass production is only getting underway, but this new single engine aircraft seems to be a lighter version of it, complete with engine, stealth coatings and avionics. Production lines for this model won’t take long to set up, given that the aircraft is a spin off of the Su57.
It seems the Russians don’t just produce the first idea they get, but tease it out to see what else they could improve with such new technology. Can you see any similar line of development between an F22 and an F35? Do you see any tech from the F22 on an F15?

I believe most of the hype was Western inspired. As soon as Russia announce a development project, the Empire goes all hyper about the numbers and intent of such weapons. Russia might have had the intention of building a large new tank force, before 2014 and the new Barbarossa started taking shape. Obviously the Russian FOREX reserves had to be used to counter sanctions and the new threats right on Russia’s border.
Given the amount of different nationalities present in the promo, I wouldn’t be surprised if this aircraft will be mass produced for sales to probable customers already. It would be ridiculous to buy an F16, when for probably cheaper you could get this aircraft. That’s a lot of bucks to be turned into roubles, lol.

Icarus Tanović

Export version.


To 100% prioritize stealth function in a warplane it really requires a single engine configuration – to reduce fuselage cross section to minimum mass. This does however upend the built-in engine redundancy of twin engines favored by many aviation engineers and pilots since 1970’s. As failure on single engine warplane tends to mean complete loss of air frame, whereas twin configuration can limp home on one power-plant.


Notice how China wasn’t included in the video? This plane is available to nations who stand against China. Wake up guys, Russia wont back China in a war, it will back India.

Jen's Common Sense In Absentia

China won’t buy it because they already have stealth fighters, they may buy the Su-57 because they don’t have a 5th generation Supermaneuverable aircraft in their inventory yet, as well as the 2nd stage engines from Russia which they most likely will acquire from a ToT deal.