In Video: PKK Drone Bombed Turkish Military Post In Iraqi Kurdistan

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In Video: PKK Drone Bombed Turkish Military Post In Iraqi Kurdistan

Screen grab from the PKK’s drone attack video.

On June 16, the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) released a video of recent drone attack on a post of the Turkish military in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

The attack, which took place on May 5, targeted a military post on the Zendura hill in the Metina region. An unidentified drone threw two improvised small-diameter munitions at the post. The strike was not very accurate.

In the last few months, a number of similar attacks targeted Turkish military posts in the Kurdistan Region. The PKK also targeted several military bases and airports inside Turkey with drones.

The Kurdish guerrilla group relies mainly on commercially-bought drones. Attacks within the Kurdistan Region are usually carried out with hexacopter drones carrying munitions, while the attacks inside Turkey are often carried out with a modified “kamikaze” variant of the X-UAV mini-Talon fixed-wing drone.

Over the last few years, the PKK offensive capabilities grew significantly. The group began using drones and other advanced weapons like anti-tank guided missiles.

The Turkish military developed its operations in the Kurdistan Region like never before in order to respond to the PKK threat. Nevertheless, the group continues to operate in the region with much freedom.


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