In Video: Russian And Italian Doctors Prepare To Treat Patients In Field Hospital In Bergamo


Russian physicians and nurses together with their Italian colleagues are getting ready for treating the COVID-19 infected in a field hospital. Meanwhile, in the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo anaesthetists and resuscitation experts share their experience and familiarize themselves with the future work procedures. The field hospital deployed in Bergamo is to commence its work on Monday. It can accomodate 142 patients at one time. It will be operated by more than 200 doctors from both countries. Currently, the Russian and Italian military have carried out sanitation of 20 senior care centres treating those infected with COVID-19. Over 80,000 sq. meters of health facility interiors have been disinfected.



  • Pave Way IV

    Disinfected 20 senior care centers and 80,000 m2 of health facilities? Field hospital to treat 142 critically ill patients? Doctors? This is impossible – neocon gossip rag Foreign Policy said some Italian ‘official’ (NATO knob-gobbler) told La Stampa newspaper:

    “Of those Russian supplies, 80 percent were completely useless or of little use to Italy. In other words, the delivery was more like a pretext,” an Italian government official told the leading newspaper La Stampa. According to the official, the Russian delivery contained, for example, equipment for bacteriological disinfection and a field laboratory for chemical-biological sterilization—not the ventilators and personal protective equipment so desperately needed by the Italians.

    Bacteriological disinfection? By Russian military experts? Yeah… more like SNEAKY ITALIAN INVASION. Foreign Policy is on to you, Putin!

    The presence of Russian military personnel in a NATO country, however, especially near a U.S. air base, raises fears that the Russians will use their stay to gather intelligence.

    Heh… intelligence… NATO… U.S. air base…. yeah, let’s go with that. Ghedi Torre Air Base (50km) has about 20 B61 nukes and Aviano Air Base (250km) had around 30. They would be on Russia’s first strike list and everyone in the Po valley outside the two craters would be dead or irradiated. Intelligence collection complete, unless Russia is determined to unlock the secrets of the superb Italian textiles and fine leather craftsmanship (and can read Chinese).

    Just let the old Italians continue to stew in their filthy, infested senior concentration camps until their suspected coronavirus is so bad that they’re in acute respiratory distress. Then triage them out of a ventilator you don’t have, bag them up and throw them on the crematorium express bus / refrigerated trailer. Russian ‘aid’ is clearly meant to interfere with this well-established NATO medical routine. Send the Italians more PPE and ventilators, you evil Russian bastards!

  • Charles Atan

    … thank Russia and sorry for newspaper La Stampa, thank for your help, italian people don’t forget