In Video: Russian COVID-19 Response Team Moves To Bergamo From Pratica di Mare Air Base


On March 25, the COVID-19 response team of the Russian Defense Ministry deplyoed in Italy departed to Bergamo, where it will assist local authorities in the war on COVID-19. The convoy is moving from Pratica di Mare Air Base, near Rome, and needs to cover about 600km to reach the target.

The convoy includes a mobile complex for analysis and diagnostics, mobile disinfection equipment with a stock of disinfectants, special equipment to provide qualified assistance to severe patients affected by coronavirus. A total of 22 pieces of special medical equipment is involved. There are also buses with Russian virus agent defense experts and medics.

Earlier on March 25, a 15th Russian IL-76 military aircraft with medical equipment and specialists was sent to Italy.



  • 77

    Russia’s “aggression” in a NATO state; Italy received help from where it was not expected.

    • AM Hants

      Whilst Italy sent one of their military ships to the Black Sea, to deal with Russian aggression.. You cannot make it up. Well done Russia.

      Compare one of their mobile units, assisting the people of Italy and then compare it, including disinfectant vehicles, to what your own Government is providing.

      What a difference sane politicians make.

    • Pave Way IV

      The MSM completely buried the fact that the reason Italy became a hot spot is because they’ve been selling their small and medium-sized textile, leather and clothing factories to Chinese. The designer places are in central Italy, but the ‘big’ manufacturing center is north around Milan. The Chinese are not only buying up all these places, but moving Chinese citizens to Italy to work in those factories. Some legally, some not. There’s a quarter million Chinese in Italy today. Bergamo, the center of the outbreak, is just west of Milan and is surrounded by (now) Chinese-owned factories staffed mostly by Hubei/Wuhan natives. The Chinese living in Italy were originally not infected, but traveled home for the Chinese New Year and returned to Bergamo and Lombardi, supposedly spreading the disease.

      In yet another twist, some Italian doctors remember a number of strange pneumonia cases in northern Italy in November and December of last year. Chinese, in their own defense, claim the coronavirus may have originated in Italy and was brought to Wuhan by workers traveling from Italy during the Italian Christmas holidays.

      I’m not sure what the deal is with Spain. Don’t know of any large Chinese populations or industries there.

  • Rbivoje

    NATO’s Aviano Air Base would have been more appropriate place for the Russians to land not only because it is much closer to Bergamo but also to remember the good old days of cooperation when NATO with the full support of Russia came in force against the Serbian people during the illegal dismemberment of Yugoslavia. The hope is that the spirit of those days can be repeated.

    • AM Hants

      You gotta be joking. NATO have offered the branch of friendship, starting with the 247 exercises on Russia’s borders. Including Defender 2020.

      Poland offered the hand of friendship, by refusing Russia access to her airspace, when Russia was sending the 14 planes, full of humanitarian assistance, to Italy.

      What type of nations deprive other nations assistance in their hour of need?

      What type of nations steal humanitarian aid being delivered to other nations or refuse to delay sanctions so medical aid can reach nations like Iran?

      • Dicksonrp


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  • Saif Imam

    Boys, Russia Joined the fight. We’re gonna kill this bug now.💪💪✊✊