In Video: Russian Forces Used Dozens of Lancet Drones Against Militants In Syria

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In Video: Russian Forces Used Dozens of Lancet Drones Against Militants In Syria

Lancet-3, screen grab from Russia-24 report.

Russian forces have used dozens of Lancet-3 loitering munitions against terrorist groups in Syria, a source in the Russian military-industrial complex told RIA Novosti on April 17.

“Last year, for testing in combat conditions, an experimental batch of Kalashnikov-developed Lancet loitering munitions was delivered to the Russian forces grouping in Syria,” the source said. “These drones have been already used in several dozen high-precision strikes against terrorists.”

According to the source, the high efficiency of the new complex has been demonstrated. Russian forces tested other models of loitering munitions in Syria including, the Lancet-1 and the KYB. The source added that this weapon is new to the Russian military, which is still studying tactics to deploy it.

Earlier today, the Russia-24 TV aired a report including footage from a number of pinpoint strikes with Lancet loitering munitions in Syria.

The Lancet-1, 3 and the KYB loitering munitions were all developed by the ZALA Aero Group, a subsidiary of Russia’s arms giant Kalashnikov.

Russia has been making immense effort to develop its drone capabilities. The experience gained in Syria was helpful on this regard.

Kronstadt Ltd, one of the largest drone developers in Russia, is currently building its first specialized plant for drone production. The plant, where Orion combat drones will be made, will be completed in November. The Orion was also successfully tested in Syria.


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