In Video: Russian Frigate ‘Marshal Shaposhnikov’ Failed To Launch Kalibr Cruise Missile

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In Video: Russian Frigate 'Marshal Shaposhnikov' Failed To Launch Kalibr Cruise Missile


The Russian frigate reportedly tried to launch the Kalibr cruise missile, but almost immediately after the launch, the missile went into an uncontrolled flight and crashed next to the ship itself. The incident allegedly took place aboard the Russian guided missile frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov and involved a Kalibr-type cruise missile, an anti-ship and land-attack weapon powered by turbojet engines. The video emerged online in late April.

Previously, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that the frigate “Marshal Shaposhnikov ” had launched the Kalibr cruise missile for the first time. The shot was fired during the exercises at the Sea of Japan.

On May 1, the ships of the Russian Pacific Fleet left Vladivostok to the Asia-Pacific region. Two detachments went on the campaign, including “Marshal Shaposhnikov.”


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