In Video: Russian, Syrian Military Engineers Destroyed Massive Cave Base In Hama

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In Video: Russian, Syrian Military Engineers Destroyed Massive Cave Base In Hama

Screen grab from a video released by the Sputnik News Agency showing the cave base destruction.

Russian and Syrian military engineers have destroyed a massive cave base built by militants in the central Syrian governorate of Hama, several Russian news networks reported on June 22.

The base was dug onto the side of a hill located in the outskirts of the town of al-Lataminah in the northern Hama countryside. The region was liberated by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies two years ago.

The cave base contained a weapons depot, a hospital, a prison as well as barracks big enough to host at least 200 militants.

“The caves is very large. It is clear that many people worked on it for a long time, the total area is 500 – 600 square meters. The passages and tunnels are up to 2 km long,” said Anton Timofeev, a representative of the Russian military group in Syria.

Russian and Syrian engineers blew up the cave base using 3,5 tons of ammunition which were left behind by the militants. The cave’s entrance was completely destroyed.

“We destroyed the caves so that it can’t be used in the future for any purpose, like hiding or storing weapons, ammunition and money,” Timofeev explained.

Russian forces have been supporting Syrian government efforts to clear and secure recently-liberated areas in order to facilitate the return of displaced civilians.


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Lance Ripplinger

I wonder how many hundreds if not more that the SAA and the Russians will find? What a mammoth task to clear the country of the western backed terrorist cells.

JC Denton

Headchoppahs couldnt possibly built shit like that by themselves…


many rats and other rodents prefer caves—amerikans now reduced to living in covid caves fearing that the vicious virus might ambush them in a market where they hoard toilet paper since they excrete feces from all orifices