In Video: Russian Warlanes Pound ISIS Targets In Syria’s Homs Province

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Over the past weeks, the Russian Aerospace Forces have resumed intense airstrikes on ISIS targets in the central Syrian desert.

New Wave Of Russian Airstrikes Hit ISIS Terrorists In Central Syria As Death Toll From Clashes Reaches 22 (December 13, 2020):

Heavy clashes between Syrian government forces and ISIS terrorists are still ongoing in the country’s central region, according to several sources. 

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said the clashes have been taking place in the Aleppo-Hama-Raqqa triangle, north of the Homs desert. The region is ISIS’ main stronghold in central Syria.

Warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces provide government forces with a close air support. On December 12 and 13, Russian warplanes carried out more than 70 airstrikes on ISIS terrorists and their hideouts.

According to the SOHR, government troops and Russian airstrikes have so far killed 15 terrorists. Seven Syrian soldiers also lost their lives in the clashes.

“The death toll is expected to rise further as there are several combatants injured, some seriously. There are also unconfirmed reports of more casualties,” the monitoring group’s report reads.

The SOHR documented the death of 601 ISIS terrorists in the central region since March of 2019. At the same period, 1064 pro-government fighters, including foreigners [Iranian, Lebanese or Palestinians], were killed.

ISIS terrorists stepped up their attacks on government force this year in what appears to be an attempt to expand their influence n the central region.

Government forces conduct operations around the Homs desert on a regular basis. However, the ISIS threat in the central region continues to grow.



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