In Video: “Sibu/Interaction-2021” Russian-Chinese Major Joint Exercises

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The major joint strategic exercises “Sibu/Interaction-2021” took place in the Ningxia Hui region of China. More than 10 thousand troops of the People’s Liberation Army of China the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were involved in the large0scale exercise.

More than 200 armored vehicles, 90 artillery pieces, more than 100 aircraft and helicopters were deployed in the Sibu/Interaction-2021.

The joint exercise was launched on August 9th. You can find more information here: LINK.

Russian Defence Minister, Sergei Shoigu, flew to China to attend the drills and commented the high level of cooperation.

“We have achieved a high level of cooperation between our militaries on land, in the air and at sea,” Shoigu said during a meeting with his Chinese counterpart, “Expanding it is an important part of our future activities.”

In his turn, Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe claimed that the armed forces of China and Russia would strengthen their cooperation in order to protect peace and stability throughout the world.

“The world has been swept by a large-scale pandemic and is witnessing a lot of changes. In these conditions, the armies of China and the Russian Federation will strengthen strategic interaction and comprehensive pragmatic cooperation,” the Chinese Defense Ministry quoted Wei Fenghe as saying on the WeChat social network. “We will make another considerable contribution to maintaining peace and stability on our planet.”

Russia and China have held a number of joint military drills in recent years. For example, in December, their long-range bombers flew a joint patrol mission over the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea. However, the Sibu/Interaction-2021 marked the first time that Russian military took part in joint drills on the Chinese territory.



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G2 Man

It is very good to see Sino-Russo joint exercises. The PLA is a very modern and well armed military, however it lacks real recent combat experience since they defeated the Americans across the Yalu and then humiliated India in 1962. Russia or Soviets are a fighting army and like Iranians have had decades of constant combat experience and honed their skills. The Chinese will learn a lot from Russia or Iranian experiences, especially in the Middle East. It is also good to see that China and Russia have a lot of weapon interoperability. It would be good to see joint major Russia, Chinese and Iranian combined arms exercises and weapons standardization. The SCO can also be a good vehicle to expand Eurasian military cooperation.

Last edited 2 months ago by G2 Man
The Black Terror

True, so true. The lack of combat experience in the PLA in recent decades may have to do with China’s history in the 20th century. Two civil wars, the Japanese invasion, war against the US-led United Nations in Korea and the Sino-Viet war of 1979 have all inflicted horrific losses on the country both in lives and in national treasure. All at the expense of domestic development. Today’s leaders in Beijing are well aware of that. They are keenly aware of history and what wars on its own soil mean. Contrast that train of thought to the reckless, insane foreign policy of the fanatics in Washington, DC. The US has never been totally or partly occupied and destroyed by enemies bent on mass destruction and annihilation of its population. This lack of really suffering has a lot to do with the mindset, not only of the policy makers, but the majority of the population. That’s why you will always hear idiots say “bomb them” or nuke ’em.” Wars are easy to start but difficult to stop.

G2 Man

My experience with Chinese is that they are not aggressive by nature historically, they built the Great Wall to keep the barbarians out and not invade others. Chinese are very nationalistic though and well disciplined and if they continue to operate with other fighting armies like the Russians, Iranians and even Pakistanis they will quickly adapt to modern combined arms and 5th generation kinetic wars. The PLA has made quantum leaps from the copies of Russian MIG 19 (Shenyang F-6) to the super capable 5th Generation J-20 being turned out by Chengdu. China has achieved unparalleled combined economic and military super power status in merely 75 years since the 1949 CCP revolution when they had bolt action rifles. No nation in history has achieved such transformation.

Their new ground weaponry in tanks, APC and rocket systems are superb. I recently had a opportunity to examine their high altitude gear, it is space age and first rate. In any conflict, I would comfortably put my money on China.

Last edited 2 months ago by G2 Man
L du Plessis

The fall of the great harlot Babylon is coming!!

G2 Man

The world is fed up of US bullying, thuggery and pure evil. The Chinese are pushing a very sophisticated soft power and will emerge as the biggest winners in Afghanistan and the region.


In dealing with the Taliban, an increasingly powerful China is able to leverage the fact that, unlike Russia or the United States, it has never fought them or has any animosity towards Muslims. It’s closest allies are large Muslim states like Iran and Pakistan. The Chinese are extremely culturally aware as being part of the great Silk Route dealing with the wider Islamic world for centuries.

When the Taliban were last in power between 1996-2001, China had already suspended relations with Afghanistan, having pulled out its diplomats in 1993 following the outbreak of civil war.

Unlike the violent and inept US, China is a soft power low key approach proponent on global issues. How other people rule your country is largely your own business as long as it does not affect China.

When a superpower like China recognizes Taliban’s political legitimacy by meeting them so openly, it is giving the Taliban a big diplomatic win and assured China’s economic and political goodwill towards Afghanistan, despite US spoiler efforts to undermine growing Chinese influence.


You watch these joint exercises and think that Babylon is falling. I see the gay prides and I understand that Babylon is falling.

Empires don’t die by the sword, but by their own perversions.


By taking cues from the recent past it can be safely assumed that this and other exercises are primarily used and meant by the Russians not for cementing friendship with Chinese but for strengthening their position in the future negotiations with the West. That’s always on the their minds. However, in no way can it be lost on ancient Chinese that the Russians are the biggest self made losers. The Russian treasonous behaviour toward their closest friends and allies (Cuba, Serbia, etc), the public Putin’s rejection in the beginning of 2000s to go into any strategic cooperation with China (times have changed but the words can’t be taken back) and willingness to work with the “partners” at any cost will not fare well for the future relations with China. Despite the fact that the Russian “elites” have been trashed by the West they still think that they are up to the game (well, we all think for ourselves that we are the smartest) and that they can deceive the thousands years old civilization and people who are on the rise again and cannot be stopped.