In Video: Tiger Forces Capture Several Terrorists In Course Of Advance Along M5 Highway

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The Tiger Forces (recently renamed to the 25th Special Mission Forces Division) have captured several militants in the course of their advance along the M5 highway in the province of Idlib.


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Ice Icegold

Have nice holiday in prison you filthy criminals.

Assad must stay

haahhaahhaah excellent work tigers, interrogate the shit out of them!


Should have been executed on the spot.


The SAA would just lower themselves to the already low level of the Jihadis. They don’t need to do that. Toruring them and life imprionment would be more worse for the Jihadi orks.


No torture though. Life in prison perhaps, depending on their crimes.

Ricky Miller

They need to be out during the day on chain gang duty cleaning up the rubble in the neighborhoods that their stupid and pointless rebellion helped to destroy. They can sleep in a prison cell at night and work at rebuilding Syria during the day. Try to escape, get shot. Work hard for the next quarter century serving the people who you tried to destroy and when they turn seventy maybe get pardoned to a halfway house rest home until they die. That light at the end of the tunnel might motivate them to work harder at cleaning up the mess.


That makes good sense.


Nice thought but in practice that would be lowering the dignity of te SAA to that of the scum in the US Coalition of Terror.


Should have sent them to meet those virgin goats.


Someone might want to pay $1,000,000 a piece!
(Then again, maybe not!)

aleksandar jakovljevic

Siryan solders must be smart now,to use un principals whit them,to show they are diferent and beter and becouse in the next years they must live whit them.World must see that is regular army,no crimes,no revenge.


Showing weakness would the best way to never stop the war .
World will not see this you are speaking about as world’ s opinion is manipulated by media ! Those go on telling ” Assad gases his own people ” even if it never happened and those will go on telling to the world Sirian government kills the prisoners or torture them .
So Saa must be smart : torture them to have info and to give them the same treatment those beasts gave to their Sirian prisoners and then kill those beasts without tell anything to anybody and let the pigs eat their rests .


I agree tat any NATO personnel should recieve no favours. All of them could have refused to be deployed to Syria in support of Wahabi monsters. Even the ‘moderate’ ones :)

Xoli Xoli

The best way is do drug them and send them in Turkey and Israel for suicide bombings.

Damien C

1) Caught on M5 highway, think I’d be tempted just to make them part of the foundations for one of the slip-roads.

2) That said I’d be mighty interested in questioning the tall one with the blue jeans and dark top, he was aware of where the camera was at all times and kept his face out of its view, when he meets rising ground his head is below his chest . … this is no ordinary Jihadi


Well spotted.


I looked at the video and the tall man is practising UK SAS ‘training when captured’

I know this for a fact. Always try to be the ‘grey man’. Be passive and docile whilst taking in all the surrounding details and habits of the captors.

AM Hants

He was the first one I noticed. For me, it was the jeans that made him stand out.


So they have to feed those rats…..that’ s crazy ! There must be no prisoners !
That’ s not a regular army of a country that regulary declared war on Siria ! Those are bloody terrorists , zombies that eat people !
Those beasts are mercenaries and civilians killers : those cannot enjoy any war’s right .


The real heroes, REAL TIGERS!!! Go Tigers GO!!


160000 ex djihadiste lives in zones gouvernemental!!!

Ooga Booga

I suppose they can be used in a prisoner exchange and then they can meet the virgins in heaven together with the others in Idlib.

AM Hants

Nice one.

They don’t look that scary anymore. Laughing, that they either go in drag, to escape or dressed in Western style clothing. Not sure why that surprises me. Guess, seen so many images of ISIS goons, who never made it to the CIA make up application courses, with no idea on how to apply Max Factor, whilst dressed in traditional, female, Muslim costumes. Complete with size 13 (UK) shoes/boots, to compliment the look.