In Video: U.S. Naval Bombing Exercise Caused Earthquake In Florida

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In Video: U.S. Naval Bombing Exercise Caused Earthquake In Florida

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The US Navy released footage that showed a bombing exercise of the U.S. Navy that was carried out on June 18. 

The explosion of a 18,143 kilogram bomb​ was conducted underwater as part of a trial to test​ of USS Gerald R. Ford CVN78 Carrier. It was intended to show how durable ships are when confronted with a bombing.​​

The exercise took place off the coast of Florida. The explosion was so powerful that it caused a 3.9 magnitude earthquake roughly 160 kilometres away​.​



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Poor fish!!!! Murderers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jens holm

I agree. A lot of life there must be gone too. What a waste.


Stockhausen could have been right that 9/11 was a great work of art; amerikan stupidity is the antithesis or art

None of you

Here’s only anti Western and anti American people are lingering.
Remember for the rest of your filthy life’s that if Western wouldn’t win the ww2 all of you filthy pig’s will be dead and Muslim religion will be history

JC Denton

Russia destroyed >80% of german forces so SHUT THE FUCK UP. Cant you at least come up with some new lies for a change?


Russians are a western society by friend, they are not Muslim Iranians

Arch Bungle

Russians are not Western (“Anglo-Saxon”) no matter how much you want to believe it.

That’s why they are the only “white” country under as many sanctions as any highly sanctioned non-white nation on earth.


i agree russia is an eastern european cultural sphere not western but its still european which from my perspective is western but that is basically asian perspective while from an european perspective russia would be east culturally seen

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Arch Bungle

I’ve read a number of cultural studies concluding, with very good analysis and factual basis that the Russians (ethnic Russians descended from the Rus) as well as the peoples of the Russian Federation (example Tuvans and those of Tuvan-Russian descent) loosely included under the umbrella of “Russian” are not European culturally, genetically, politically, religiously and in few other senses.

Read the history of Peter the Great and how he made great efforts to push Russia into the European mould.

Russians are a unique bloc, culturally they have characteristics derived from Far eastern, Caucasian and Central Asian, Nordic and Arctic cultures.

On a personal level Russians have always struck me as outwardly White but internally something different …


“in our arrogance we are European; in our acts and development we are Asian”. Anton Chekhov

None of you

You are a fucking idiot .
If it was not for Americans to supply The Russian army with weapons they would be destroyed… learn fucking history…
You dumb fuck…

jens holm

I would say “meant a lot more then told by the Russian Leaders themself”.

I agree about the Denton version. Its true in numbers but the important helping hands are forgotten.

There are numbers for everything. I kind of remember Russia lost their 2 only car end truck factories in Ukraine and because of that they were given 250.000 trucks and 50.000 jeeps.

I remember 13.000 good airplanes and a strang mix of 7.000 tanks too. Nikel, food, clothe, radios, Catalinas, ammo, canons…


memory impaired by LSD—amerikan trash vehicles never functioned


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Faisal al Al-Mahdi

America is the anti christ , the dajjal and its western vassals are agents of satan (God curse him).
Even though the majority of its people like the British are ignorant and uncaring but they carry the sin of the genocides they have commited on the world.
God Curse them and their Zionists brethren.
Glory to God , Imam Mahdi (AS) is here on earth with 313 prophets incl the returned Jesus (as) and the returned Imam Hussein(as) and they shall take revenge on the cursed satanist controlled west and will bring justice to the earth.

Last edited 1 month ago by Faisal al Al-Mahdi
None of you

Really, Muslim teaching is anti God….
Next world war we will let exterminated everything


when rotting none found in BLM ghetto with new implanted lemur brain in anus, SF editor understands none CIA propaganda


which god you religious paedophiles,

jens holm

And we love it.

EWe all learn in school the almost Imam Mahdi was one of the adventures in the 1001 Arabic adventures.

Number 313 might be correct. I have not looked for the pagenumber.

Hussein must be pretty old.

What You write is human made by people internal stuff, for people which love to control others. Most likely its old men only looking into the past and what once were forgetting the bad parts.


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hey guy, WHY the second world war started? it wasnt for the cruelty of westerns against Germany? excuse me lets talk about occupy of Iran during second world war and the GREAT FAMINE that BRITAIN caused it …… DOWN WITH ENGLAND DOWN WITH USA DOWN WITH ISRAEL


as if you have no history of horror , pretenders, your past is worst, paedophiles

jens holm

I dont think paedophiles are in this.

jens holm

Yes, its a long hen and egg story.

I allow me to say it started when Preussen united as a state and rapidky grew by taking Denmark, Austria-Hungaria and France from 1864 to 1870.

By that there were no more foreign inflencers in Germany.

So Germany started WW1 to take more and lost. Its proved they were the starters hardky being provoced apart from being denyed to have colonies(most of that already was taken).

But they lost. It was a devastaing war. So mainly France needed compensation and revenge. Thats why Germany as well as Austria-Hungary was divided and mparts were given to others as well.

It was too much punishment. It made it almost impossible for the decimated Germany to regain even their Democrasy almost did it.

The result was extremisme – one strong man – and by that Hitler as well as Communists.

Here Hitler was the devastaing winner. 1000 years was no keep.

We could talk about Iran too. But if so, you have to put in into an international context too.

I also will remind You that hardly any are alive from those days and You by that should not blame us for it. You also forget it stopped the Russian expansion and the Osmans. Bad if you prefare them as being nicer to You.


After more than 16 years of indoctrination, education, and nearly as many “history” classes, not once was I told about the US Tyranny and UK Tyranny’s invasion, occupation of, and Holodomor like oppression of Iran. Not once. I was also not informed about how the Jews’ Z(C)IA and friends toppled the elected government of Iran before installing the Shah.

Oh the sea of Jew lies we live in .

I Have NO Brain Here

Go fuk yourself you idiot. Go dribble your shit on a site of likeminded people instead of coming here as you achieve NOTHING but wasted space and time.

None of you

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Arch Bungle

“You have no brain is true that you have no brain”

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If America didn’t get involved, Russia still would have defeated the Nazis, but Dresden would not have been made a holocaust by the Americans, and then there’s also Eisenhower’s Death Camps for German POWs. And, Palestine wouldn’t be infested with JSIL terrorists, because the Balfor/Zionist deal would have fallen thru.

Last edited 1 month ago by rmarbertin8
jens holm

My father had a bible made like your history book after WW2. He took the pages he didnt like and made them into cigarettes.


now SF community understands why you were born w severe cognitive mutations—your father was mutant


u linger: a self loathing amerikan

concrete mike

Morron, and i suppose the eastern front was all dancing and flowers?

GTFO you ignorant fool.

jens holm

I see no one write that.

Arch Bungle

You are filth. Moreover, you are low-iq filth and here’s why:

>Remember for the rest of your filthy life’s that if Western wouldn’t win the ww2 all of you filthy pig’s will be dead

If wasn’t for your so called ‘western world’ we would not have the Afghan War, you dumb cunt.

If wasn’t for your so called ‘western world’ we would not have the Libyan War, you dumb cunt.

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If wasn’t for your so called ‘western world’ we would not have WW2 in the first place, you dumb cunt.

If wasn’t for your so called ‘western world’ we would not have WW1 in the first place, you dumb cunt.

If wasn’t for your so called ‘western world’ we would not have Crimean War in the first place, you dumb cunt.

And none of these either:

1) Greek War of Independence (1820s)
2) Crimean War (1853-56)
3) Indian Mutiny (1857)
4) Austro-Prussian War (1866)
5) Franco-Prussian War (1870-71)
6) Russo-Turkish War (1877-78)
7) First Italo-Ethiopian War (1894-96)
8) Spanish-American War (1898)
9) Boer War (1898-1901)

And none of the endless wars of European colonialism like the Afghan wars of the 18th Century.

What an infinite fucktard you are.

Last edited 1 month ago by Arch Bungle
jens holm

Dont offend the pigs.

A typical 18 minus confirms Your conclusions well.

They should be happy for Biden as well. If it was Trump today He would have parashuted Mexican there to make Tequila and soon after all muslims would wear somberos only sleepin in the siesta time.


how do you destroy a religion that is constantly growing?


you are so funny its awesome you are an idiot

america = gay

Hey retard, Russia defeated both Germany and Japan and a filthy pig is the swine who spawned you from her butt.


Actually, World War II, as with World War I, were wars instigated, fought on behalf of, and prolonged by the Jews.

A little known fact: The Jews, in the Summer of 1933, were the first power/nation to declare war in what became World War II.

Another inconvenient fact: Skeletons do not burn, but must be ground up afterwards.


The divergent motion of plate tectonics accumulates tension between, along their fault, which must give eventually, in a sudden snap, which we call earthquakes. That blast only jarred it loose. It would have soon happened anyhow. Overall, the scenario is (inadvertently) akin to using a howitzer to trigger an avalanche – not to suggest that any such geological foreseight was involved on the US Navy’s part. They’re just dicks doing the usual dick stuff US military does, ignorant and uncaring of whatever collateral damage occurs.

jens holm

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None of you

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Arch Bungle

Triggered, snowflake?

jens holm

The only ones alive in the Homs Desert are ISIS :)


“Holm Desert

L du Plessis

it sounds like a gravity bomb which means the aeroplane need to enter the enemies airspace against air defence missiles….🚀