In Videos (18+): Israel On Brink Of Civil War, As Chaos Rocks Gaza

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In Videos (18+): Israel On Brink Of Civil War, As Chaos Rocks Gaza

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Hundreds of rockets are targeting Israeli cities, including Tel Aviv. Most of rockets were intercepted by Israeli Iron Dome, but some of them targeted civilian areas in several cities, including the capital.

One civilian was reportedly killed in Israeli Rimosh LeZion.

The Israeli military asked residents of the central and southern parts of the country to hide in bomb shelters. The flight zone over Ben Gurion Airport was closed.

A fuel storage facility is on fire in Ashkelon near the border with the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, clashes continue on the streets. The Mayor of Lod asked Benjamin Netanyahu to declare an emergency and send troops to the city to stop the civil war. Prime Minister ordered to deploy the border troops from the West Bank to Lod. Some Jewish districts were evacuated.

The head of the Israeli General Staff, Amir Kohavi, claimed that the IDF have destroyed about 500 targets in the Gaza Strip, so far. Several dozen militants were killed, including high-ranking field commanders.

According to the spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces, about 80 aircraft, including the 5th generation F-35I fighters, are striking targets in the north of the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli Defense Forces published footage of an attack on a high-rise building in Gaza. The building is said to have been used for intelligence and military development.

The IDF reported the killing of the commander of the Hamas anti-tank missile unit, Iyad Fathi Faik Sharir. He was in charge of carrying out anti-tank missile attacks on Israel.

Another Israeli targeted strike killed Islamic Jihad commander, Samah Abed al-Mamluk.


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