In Videos: Europe On Fire. Clashes With Police Reported In France, England, Poland

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On November 28, demonstrations were held in various European countries. While the French are fighting a new law project, people in London are protesting against restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, mass demonstrations against the abortion ban resumed in Poland.

The demonstrations turned into fierce clashes with police in France where people protest a “Global security” bill that imposes a ban on redistributing images in which police officers or gendarmes can be identified.

Protesters claim that this law undermines the principles of a free press and will increase police violence.

About 46 thousand people reportedly took part in the demonstration in Paris, in Lyon – 7.5 thousand people, in Bordeaux – 6 thousand, in Strasbourg-1.5 thousand, in Lille-1.4 thousand. Protests were held in 70 French cities.

Heavy clashes took place in the capital, where several cars, cafes, newsstands and garbage cans were burned.

Police used tear gas and water cannons to restore order.

According to the interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, 37 police officers and gendarmes have been injured during the demonstrations, so far. He once again condemned the unacceptable violence against the police.

Consideration of the bill began in the lower house of Parliament on November 18. Immediately after the discussions began, the first protests were held in Paris.

At the same time, anti-lockdown protests continue for several weeks  in London.

More that 60 people were reportedly arrested during the protests. The protests were generally held by The group Save Our Rights UK.

Some protesters were dressed in Christmas costumes, shouting “All I want for Christmas is my freedom back”.

Meanwhile, crowds turned out to protest in the Polish capital Warsaw. Again.

People are fighting against the court’s decision to ban almost all abortions, which was adopted on October 22 and immediately provoked the largest demonstrations in Poland in recent decades.


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