In Videos: Three Ukrainian Warships Detained In Black Sea Were Delivered To Russia’s Kerch


Three ships of the Ukrainian Navy, which particiapted in the armed clash with a naval group of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) State Border Directorate for Crimea in Russian territorial waters off Crimea, were detained and delivered to the port of Kerch, according to the FSB State Border Directorate for Crimea.

According to Russian authorities, three Ukrainian military servicemen who sustained light wounds have received medical care. The city of Kerch is located near Kerch Strait, which is linking the Black Sea with the Sea of Azov.


In Videos: Three Ukrainian Warships Detained In Black Sea Were Delivered To Russia's Kerch


  • You can call me Al

    The MSM as usual, blame the Russian aggression.

    • FlorianGeyer

      On Sunday evening news the bullshit BBC news stated that all three Ukranian ships had returned to their home port.

      I wonder if the BBC will report today that the ships have been impounded in a Russian port whilst Russian investigations into the affair continue? :)

      I did see an article that suggested there is a UK plan to blow up part of the new bridge with a low yield underwater nuclear device that would be placed by UK special forces, navy divers etc and that the GRU was tracking this .

      British Navy divers have been ,and presumably still are, active in the Yemen in support of the Saudi’s. I know this for a fact, straight from a divers mouth.

      There seems to be a concerted effort by FUKUS to inflame tensions at multiple points with Russia. This will be of course to dilute Russian defence abilities in Syria.

      • potcracker2588

        read the todays article about this…..

        “russia attacking ukraine” “germany should send warships to help……”
        “more sanctions on russia by germany” etc………………….
        what a great country…occupied since 1945, raped since 2015

        • AlexanderAmproz

          Seventy years of harassing political establishment and people of Europe

          by Andrey Fomin

          Contrary to appearances, the decision of the United States to investigate a possible Russian aid to anti-European parties is not intended to protect Europeans from foreign interference. This is quite the opposite. For 70 years, Washington controls the West European politics prohibiting all forms of genuine democracy.

      • You can call me Al


        On a totally different not, take a look at this regards the chemical attack in Syria –

        • FlorianGeyer

          I still struggle to understand the logic of the terrorists who did this but that what happens when The US coalition of Terror out source their wars to gangs of drug crazed bandits.

          I did notice the very different style of treatment in the Syrian Government hospitals and the Terrorist hospitals.

          The former was a scene of orderly and calm professional treatment with oxygen etc.
          The latter was a Hollywood style of crisis with people shouting and running around in ever decreasing circles whilst spraying water from firehoses on the ‘victims’ :)


        Three other boats were dispatched from Berdyansk to ‘rescue’ the three messing around in Russia’s territorial waters. They hightailed it back to port once the Russians stopped the three at Kerch.

        I think three functional boats is about 25% of the effective Ukrainian Navy. Most seem to be unseaworthy hulks.

    • John Whitehot

      the msm is part of the problem no doubt, and when the problem is solved they’ll face their own share of repercussions.

  • me again

    Proshenko’s suicidal politics…pushed and approved by its NATO masters of course.

    • potcracker2588

      his master are the JEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You can call me Al

        No – Zionists.

        • potcracker2588

          so tell me what the difference is between a jew and a zionist smart man…ps.
          both believe in the talmud..
          talmud: all non jews are gojim, all non jewish women are whores!!!

          so please smart man, tell me the difference…by the me a jew that is not for the iilegal entity named israel

          • ANTINANCO

            In Israel the most Jewish Jews, by religion and race, are registered as “le ‘om”, while those arriving from abroad are ” ‘oleh “. They are racist even among themselves.

  • potcracker2588

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