In Videos: Turkish Multiple Launch Rocket Systems, Howitzers Shelling Syrian Army Positions In Western Aleppo

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Turkish T-122 Sakarya multiple launch rocket systems and T-155 Fırtına self-propelled howitzers started shelling positions of the Syrian Army in western Aleppo. The strikes are conducted in support of the ongoing attack by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in the area. Clashes between the Syrian Army and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham are ongoing in Kafr Haleb.


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Turkey has sold itself to demons! Where is Karma?


Karma is a just an esoteric delusion as other “new age” crap of rich fat US upper class women who are depressed because they dont know how to spend all their billions.
In reality, the ruthless like Erdogan mostly (not all) get away, and civilians who have nothing to do with them pay the price. Or like the US MIC and Gulf states arming Jihadists, and civilians all other the world, but mostly not in US or Gulf states pay the price.
There is no magic force of good in this world we can trust on. We can trust only i our own actions.


Without getting philosophical…in my experience every action has a consequence but it may take a good ol time to manifest.. This cyclic cause and effect is what is called karma but the west perversion makes this into a word meaning some sort of force that can discriminate from good and evil..


Surely, everything is connected, and nothing free of consequense. But as you say yourself, this does not mean its some sort of justice in it.
The concept of justice is man made. And only man can execute that justice.


To add: And yeah, the west has mutilated the eastern philisophies into some lifestyle BS..

Ron Chandler

It is the actions of thousands of the past faithful who launched three great religions in the lands of Syria, which now determine its survival and victory. Call it karma or call it devotion to God, that is what has preserved this land.

Juliet Tyler

Karma is simply energy. The idea that any manmade philosophy or religion is somehow superior is not supported by history. When did humans ever not kill, enslave and torture their own and other species?

Ron Chandler

Karma manifests in the agya of the living perfect master, who walks among us. He it was, who deployed supreme bakhti yoga of love in 1973, suffering near unto death, to save the sacred land and nation of Syria. Karma is a Hindu superstition, but the power that blessed the human race by this mighty being will never allow Syria to fall.


fam im getting stressed seeing this sh*t what’s the best possible outcome to this idlib mess ? and im getting more worried about the turkish occupying syrian lands in the north, if turkey does this crazy shit over idlib aka the biggest terrorist hub in the world, what would it do over the “free syrian army” aka alnusra with shaved beards in the north ? and i don’t even try to think about the rich petrolium arab lands occupied by the kurdish / yankees i think it will be a 10 or more bloody years in the syrian arab republic.


The result will most likely be Russia stepping in and telling Turkey to behave and cease attacking SAA in the future.

Ricky Miller

I wish that were true but I doubt it. Seriously, they would have done it already. The senior leadership in the Kremlin seems content with letting events play out while issuing mild statements blaming Turkey for the escalation. With no loud and proud statements by you know who it looks like Russia is prepared to accept the escalation. Perhaps Russia feels that the SAA has been armed and hardened to the point that they’ll win. It’s curious though that only Russian aviation seems to be up today, meaning Turkish threats against Syrian air force aircraft have cleared the skies of Syrian airframes. There are no images of S-300’s being relocated toward airbases near Aleppo where they could target Turkish aircraft, like the one that fired a missile downing a Syrian helicopter yesterday from Turkish controlled airspace. It’s a dark sign of things to come. Russia, it seems so far, would rather sell Turks gas and build power plants and they seem willing to accept a permanent HTS/Turkish terror mini-state inside Idlib.


i do agree partially however if this russia accepts this sh*t in idlib, the syrian government can say goodbye to the northern occupied lands in afrin / jarbulus / azzaz, the kurds will then see that the syrian governement is unable to reccapture the land from the alqaeda terrorists supported by turkey so im pretty sure they will not give the oil fields back and the lands east of the euphrates since they are supported by the us, i trully believe that russia and syria need to make a statement over idlib no matter what because if you get this land back their is a big chance that you’ll get the rest back, no idlib = no northern syria and no eastern euphrates


as much as i would love to see it i don’t think that russia can do more than air support / no fly zone over idlib the turks shouldn’t be allowed in the first place to send troops on the ground my only hope is to see the syrian army kicking some ass and reaching their objectifs before some crazy nato involvement, again i have the full belief that in a conflict between the tar with no air support and the saa, the saa will win no matter how many tanks and artillery the turks got.


Don’t worry, it’s all for show.


Yeah, just like i said. The casulity figures Turkey provides of dead SAA are ofc propaganda, but not totally. The threat is sadly real, and dreaming it isnt is delusional and of no service to the SAA troops who are attack by the Turks or even killed by them.
Everything has changed in 2020. We need to recognize that, to understand the implications for our cause..

Jim Bim

Turkish backed terrorists shouting in the background.

Joe Doe

SAA has no choice but fight Turkey back. Russia sold Syria to Turkey and Putin most likely will limits itself to cheap talk. As I was saying 1 year ago, Russia is poor protector

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

Again. LOOK AT THE MAPS. Your jihadi fucks haven’t gained ONE METER in months. Turkey is weak. How much do they pay you to post this trash? Can’t be much because you suck at it.

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

By the way, I hear your girlfriend eats pork and blows Americans.

Wayne Nicholson

Who ever said Russia was Syria’s protector. Russia went into Syria to keep it from falling into jihadist hands and to make sure the 25k Russians fighting in Syria didn’t return home alive. Back in 2015 Putin said “If not Assad then who” meaning even though the Assad regime wasn’t necessarily popular to all Syrians it was better than any other alternative on the table given the results of regime change in Iraq and Libya.

Look at Syria today. The Russians are meeting their objectives …. it’s the USA, Turks, Saudi’s and Gulfies who are scrambling to save theirs.

Xoli Xoli

Actually Erdogan regards de escalation zones as opportunity to attack Syrian arm forces and not terrorists.


They hardly can do so as much as Russia can with the much more sophisticated stuff they have.
Turks though have supplied MANPADS and have them and other smaller short range air defences at their observation posts and in the field. They surely can down Syrian helicopters, maybe even planes. But they Turks can not enter Syria without shooting air combat with Russias fighters at Latakia base.


Clarification: But they Turks can not enter Syria without shooting air combat with Russias fighters at Latakia base.


But they Turks can not enter Syria WITH THEIR AIRFORCE without shooting air combat with Russias fighters at Latakia base.


Why is nobody bombing them?They were in the middle of the field.


Yeah with their S-400


PS: Middle east eye is AFAIK muslim brotherhoof affiliated and financed indirectly. As Erdogan is a MB member and loyalist, they serve as his propaganda outlet one way or another.

Jim Bim

Turkey is no better than Israel, both are invaders, occupiers and terrorist states.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Even the sheep aren’t scared of Ottoman fireworks ffs. The second video shows just how scary the Ottos are.


Ruskyes can’t wait for a Turkish F-16 to enter their missiles radius


Where are TOS ?

Toni Liu

Last news I heard from a week ago, it still busy in latakia area


What would these guy calling Allah to be the great call it, if Allah came back to them with punishment? Still calling Allah hu akhbar?


Because they are mentally retarded and incapable of questioning their own actions, nor do they give a fuck about what’s right or wrong.

Islamic Power

Are they true mujahideen?


Shame on Turkey. They supported “1000%” ISIS (until betraying them) and other terrorist groups in Syria. And still hardening in their support of the Al-Qaida terrorists (while according ti the Astana agreement they had pledged to disarm and neutralize the terrorist groups operating in the Idlib area). Is it they are interested in, supporting terrorists and conquering other countries?

Free man

Surely the Turks can hurt the SAA. But with the current size of their military force, they cannot have a significant impact on the military campaign. The real aim of the Turks seems to be a new arrangement.

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

Hilarious. Another jihadi-Turk attack stopped dead cold today, despite Turkish support. Turkey is now officially a joke. I find my country’s support for Turkey and Israel embarrassing but, then again, we have a madman as president.


Turkey is actually helping the SAA. It’s so obvious.