India And Pakistan Blame Each Other For Tensions In Kashmir Region

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India And Pakistan Blame Each Other For Tensions In Kashmir Region

Indian soldiers keep guard along a highway on the outskirts of Srinagar, in the Kashmir region. (Danish Ismail/Reuters)

On Saturday, spokesman for the Pakistani Foreign Ministry Nafees Zakaria accused India of “continuous efforts to turn Muslims into a minority in Kashmir Region”.

“Indian forces commit crimes against humanity that killed 15 civilians, last week alone,” Zakaria said adding that “India violates UN resolutions in Kashmir, as well as human rights principles.”

India has accused Pakistan of violating the cease-fire agreement after a 45-year-old Indian woman was killed by the Pakistani army’s shelling on Mendhar sector in Jammu and Kashmir’s Poonch district.

Another woman, Pakistani, was killed last Tuesday as a result of Indian Army shelling near Kashmir.

On Friday, the 41 Rashtriya Rifles Army headquarters in Kalaroos were attacked by militants, the attack wounded only an Indian soldier, according to Indian sources.

Meanwhile Indian sources said that Zakir Musa, commander of Hizbul Mujahedeen, a group linked to al-Qaeda and active in Kashmir, managed to escape after being besieged by the Indian security forces in Noorpora village in Kashmir Region.

It is worth to note that India and Pakistan have violated the cease-fire agreement several times since its signing in 2003, the most serious violation was in October 2014 when the Indian Army and the Pakistani army engaged directly.

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ajay prasad

Pakistani Foreign Ministry Nafees Zakaria accused India of “continuous efforts to turn Muslims into a minority in Kashmir Region”.

Late 14th centuryTurkic Mongol raid and Following Mughal invasion turned the place into Sunni Islamic.Kashmiris followed shaivism-Blend of sufism and Hinduism until then.1990 500,000 Hindu pandits were driven,1000’s Ethnic cleansed to turn the Region into Muslim majority.While India maintaining the sanctity of Article 370A which disallows any non kashmiri to settle or have a govt job in kashmir,cannot cast a vote There maintaining the demographics..Such a provision being rethought given the grose Abuse to deny Non muslims basic rights.A Hindu majority state turned Muslim majority is paranoid about Demographics,Lol.

Indian forces commit crimes against humanity that killed 15 civilians, last week alone,” Zakaria said adding that “India violates UN resolutions in Kashmir, as well as human rights principles.”

Civilians only lose their life,When they forget their civility and Show up During live encounter operation,Hurl stones to protect the terrorists. Pakistani ,Along with the inhome jihadists are included in the 15.


And letting these two into the SCO was a cause for celebration? So far, it’d seem you have only imported their troubles. Maybe the facts are that they are not ready, and will only drag down Russia+China until they shape up. Isn’t Iran a much more promising partner?


There is a UN Resolution from 1949 that requires both India and Pakistan to hold a plebiscite in each of the parts of Kashmir that they control. The people living there would vote to determine whether they want to become part of India or part of Pakistan.

Is India afraid to hold the vote because the area is predominately Muslim ?

ajay prasad

The UN resolution of 1948 applies to the full “State of Jammu & Kashmir this includes Gilgit-Baltistan, AZK, Shaksgam Valley, Jammu, Ladakh and Kashmir valley – not just Kashmir
For UN plebiscite to be conducted, the first condition is that Government of Pakistan should withdraw it’s forces and non-residents from the area
When the above has been established, then Government of India needs to reduce forces to the minimum strength, as required to maintain law & order
The first step to be taken by Pakistan has never been done, due to obvious reasons.

India has respected the sanctity of demographics in India administered Kashmir through Article 370 in India’s Constitution. No non-Kashmiris can buy land, get government job or settle in Kashmir. Thus the demographics of original Kashmiri population have been maintained till date
The only change in demographics of India administered Kashmir is the one that came in 1990’s when Pakistan sponsored Islamic radicals inflicted violence and drove away 500,000 Hindus out of Kashmir, in order to make the area as Muslim majority

In Pakistan administered Kashmir, there is no such control. Many non-Kashmiris from other Pakistani areas have settled down in AZK and Gilgit- Baltistan. The demographics in this area is no more as it was in pre-1948
In 1963, Pakistan gave away Shaksgam valley to China, without the consent of local people. This area is now controlled by China
Due to all the above factors, the demographics of the “State of Jammu and Kashmir” have changed completely since 1948. For a fair plebiscite to happen, pre-1948 demographics need to be restored. This requires –

In Pakistan administered Kashmir -> non-Kashmiris should be moved out from the region
In India administered area -> Kashmiri Hindus should be brought back.
The above are not practically possible steps.

Even if all the above steps are completed and a plebiscite is eventually conducted today, no single outcome can be acceptable to all stakeholders –

Gilgit Baltistan and AZK may vote to go with Pakistan
Jammu and Ladakh for India
Shaksgam valley for China? (or Pakistan, or independence)
Kashmir valley may vote for independence
Which single outcome of plebiscite will be acceptable to ALL stakeholders across the entire region and hence can be considered fair? Will Gilgit Baltistan be happy under India? Would Jammu and Ladakh be happy with Pakistan?


The article I cited above says that in 1947 India was given 2/3 of of the area and Pakistan only got 1/3 to administer. The article also says that even back then the India administered area was “predominately Muslim” !

I’m sure both sides have been playing demographic games since then.

One of the founding principles of the UN Charter says that indigenous people cannot be partitioned against their wishes. So, apparently the 1947 partition violated the UN Charter, and the UN tried to make up for their mistake with the later 1949 Resolution requiring a plebiscite in the area.

ajay prasad

Since Your stress Upon Predominance,Ask Yourselves How the Region Become Predominantly Muslim.There have been Several Mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits throughout history,
I as a Non kashmiri cannot Buy a Land in Kashmir,Nor can Have a Government Job..Which is What The article 370A is about,India ain’t Playing around to be callously Assumptious Here..

Except Indigenous Kashmiris Followed Shavism-A blend of Sufism And Hinduism Not Sunni Islam.There fizzles Your Pan Islamic identity Which nothing Which is canon fodder for Terrorism in the region.

Late 14th century Turkic Mongol raid and Following Mughal Invasion Turned the Region into Sunni Islam,Ofcourse wasn’t tidy affairs.Any fairminded Audience reading through the History Will Infer the reality wouldn’t even Need a Resolution.

Any fairminded Audience reading through the History of Kashmir,Will Infer the reality..

“Resolution, requiring India to hold a Plebiscite, Remained non-binding as the Pakistani army never left the part of the Kashmir.”

Poonch Rebels revolted against the Reigning monarch, Hari singh.Hard Luck Muslims didn’t wanted to Live under the Sikh Dogra rule.Hindus Had it worse under Islamic tyrants.

Impartial Plebiscite=Restoration of Demographics to pre 1948

Let me repeat Non Binding,As even the first Basic step of Pak troop withdrawal Hasn’t occured Until now, Kicking Out Hindu pandits..In home and cross border Islamic terrorism, Do I Have to say is in Grose viloation of the Resolution,Absolving any chance of plebiscite.

Gulam Mohammad Shah.

He had his brigade of hooligans called ‘ sirwallas’.Gul Shah decided to make a mosque called Shah Masjid within the premise of an ancient temple inside Civil Secretariat area in Jammu.

The people of Jammu to protest against this came out on streets. There were massive demonstrations throughout Jammu.

So, 20th February, 1986 Gul Shah entered Kashmir and in the view of the protests in Jammu he communalised the situation in Kashmir saying ‘Islam Khattare Mein Hai’ ( Islam is in danger).

He instigated and raked his brigade (Lushakar) among local people to take a violent stance against Kashmiri Pandits for no fault of theirs.

The anti-KP tirade of repression spread like wild fire. The main targets were their temples at Vanpoh, Lukbhawan, Anantnag, Salar, Fatehpur, Akoora and so many places in South Kashmir .

Zia-ul-Hak to Srinagar in 1988 under ‘operation Tupac’.(Operation Tupac)

While addressing a top secret meeting in Islamabad in 1988, he said

Gentlemen, let there be no mistake. Our aim remains quite clear and firm for the liberation of the Kashmir Valley. Our Muslim Kashmiri brothers can’t be allowed to stay with India for any length of time now. The Kashmiris have a few qualities, which we can exploit. First, their shrewdness and intelligence; second their power to persevere under pressure, and the third, if I may say so, they are a master of political intrigue. If we provide them with means through which they can utilize these qualities and will ‘deliver the goods’.

There was smuggling of ammunition and guns across the border into Kashmir equipping the misguided Muslim youth the weapons they were looking for.

Hence, selective killings of Hindus, Provocative speeches were made in mosques, threat posters across the streets, and slowly Hindus started to leave the valley.

On July, 1988 Jammu Kashmir Liberation front (JKLF) ,a terrorists organisation until 1994, started an insurgency for separation of Kashmir from India. Other miliant groups like Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, Allah Tigers, Muslim Janbaaz force, Al-Jehad, and many more also increased their activities.JKLF started with the killing of a prominent BJP leader in Kashmir, Pandit Tika Lal Taploo on 14th September, 1989.

19th January, 1990 massive crowds assembled in mosques across valley, carrying out gigantic rallies shouting anti-india, anti-pandit slogans.

One of the slogans in Kashmiri was

“Raliv, Chaliv , ya Galiv !” which meant “ either Join the Muslims by accepting Islam, or flee the holy Islamic Kashmir, or dissolve or die!
The centre went appointed JagMoahan as the governor on 19th January, 1990.

on the same day,Farooq Abdullah resigned and fled to London. The assembly was dissolved and the state came directly under governor’s rule.


Unfortunately, throughout history ethnic cleansing was the norm for the world. That is why, following WWII, the entire world got together in Geneva and in San Francisco to put an end to it, with International Law encoded in the UN Charter and ratified by all members.

All of the historic grievances that you cited, whether factual or not, are now unfortunately irrelevant.

The fact of the matter is that Pakistan is willing to hold the vote in the area it controls, and India refuses to do so in the area it controls, ….. as the world watches in dismay.

Everyone agrees that the Pakistani area, being predominately Muslin, would vote to join Pakistan.

The technicality that you cite, that Pakistan must withdraw from it’s area before the vote is conducted, is just an excuse to refuse to hold the vote (which India would lose). India wants to avoid it’s destiny and the destiny of the occupied people to achieve self determination, but it is only prolonging the conflict, for what has now been 65 years.

In this day and age you cannot deny the will of the people.

ajay prasad

History is proof enough, Ethnic cleansing at that scale is a very Islamic thing.Saying it’s an Norm is a Escapist argument..Slaughter across India was the Bloodiest in the History of the world..Which is well Documented,Fortunate or Unfortunate remains Relevant to Much of Today’s discourse.

There is No point Having this Discussion when You are on a selective Prejudiced Narrative,The genocide As Pointed out Extended 40 years after Your International Laws were Formed..

Except You contradict Yourself, History and Islamic Tyrants are still Greatly Eulogized amongst the Muslim populace.Irrelevant for a convenient Argument Eh.

Little too rich,To avoid the clause of restoration of Demographics While talking about a Plebiscite.Meaning a Fair plebiscite.

Pak Withdrawl is in the Mandate of UN resolution,Being the Due process.You seem to choose to Interpret the UN resolution wishfully across this post..World Sees Pakistan For what it is,A hornest nest of Terrorism.

This isn’t just About India,Across the World Once a region Turns Muslim majority It wants to seccede,Wages Jihad against the sovereignity,Ethnic cleaning,Terrrorism follows..Insanity is still prevailing.

Who Represents the will of People in Kashmir, Lashkar e Toiba ? Hizbul mujahideen, Al badr? JKLF which Inflicted violence upon the Kashmiri Hindu pandits..A layman will Infer this,These groups are Radically Islamic Name says it all, Today’s Kashmir is Wahabizing itselves..Terrorism Just got it’s steroid shot.Be it through wahabi doctrine brewing in Madrasas or Funds from the gulf states.. These Terrorists in the valley want Islamic caliphate , Calling for Tawhid,Comments under such video reflects the very Mindset ..That is What Burhan wani Jihadi poster Boy wanted,So does Zakir Musa..This Ain’t Syria where the Hardline Terrorists will be called Rebels.