India To Lease Third Nuclear Submarine From Russia For $3 Billion: Report


India To Lease Third Nuclear Submarine From Russia For $3 Billion: Report

S-72 Chakra SSN (fomerly K-152 Nepra)

On March 7, India and Russia signed a US$3 billion deal for the lease of a third nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN), which could be in Indian waters by 2025 at the earliest, The Print reported citing defense sources.

The Akula-class submarine, which would be named Chakra III by the Indian Navy, should be refurbished and fitted with indigenous communication systems and sensors before it can enter service with the Indian Navy.

The exact lease period of the new submarine is unknown, but th report speculates that it will be in service with India for at least 10 years.

“Severodvinsk in 2014, and sources said Russia will need to do extensive work to make it fit for operation again, including re-activation of the nuclear reactor that powers it and the installation and integration of Indian systems. In that sense, it will be just like a new vessel.

A large team from India will be in Russia as part of the project, and the experience gained is expected to come in handy for the indigenous SSBN programme.

The other Chakras

Sources said negotiations are also on to extend the lease of Chakra II, which ends next year. Since the new submarine is only likely to arrive by 2025 at the earliest, both sides are looking to extend the Chakra II lease for at least five more years, sources said. Chakra II was inducted in 2012. The original INS Chakra initially came to India on a three-year lease starting in 1988.” The Print reported.

Russia is one of key partners of India in the field of military technical cooperation. Previously, New Delhi signed with Moscow a series of orders, including the one for the S-400 Triumf air defence system, and the joint manufacturing of AK-203 rifles in India.



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    More useless Ruskie junk and dangerous to the users. The dumb idiotic Hindu fuckwits never learn even after their Ruskie flying dishwashers have crashed or shot down by the Pakistanis. The crappy Migs and Sukhois have been widow makers for the Indian losers.

    Pakistani PM Imran Khan: WE ARE READY FOR WAR

    Pakistani Prime Minister said the country was ready for war and its
    army would respond if attacked by India or “any superpower,” during a
    speech in Chachro, in Tharparkar District on Friday.

    “If someone, if it is India or any superpower, wishes to enslave the Pakistani
    nation, I want to make it clear that my nation and I will fight until
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    • John Whitehot

      the only thing that failed is the israeli guided bombs used by the indians.

      a mig-21 shot down by pakistan is hardly representative of the quality of the involved systems.

    • Sephy

      Please get tired.

    • Ilya

      Camaaaaan, you can’t say Russian subs suck, that’s just improbable!

  • verner

    excellent news, it means that the evil empire, moronistan (aka usa), can’t sell their stuff and it seems they are getting behind in particular in asia, starting in turkey and running all the way to china. what a disappointment for the morons in washington dc propping up the mic/ds business-model and indirectly the pension plans for criminal and corrupt persons like fatso, bedbugcrazy bolton, evil abrams und zu weiter.

    • Christina Friedman

      I like that – moronistan. faq pak btw

  • Jaffar al-Majmuni

    After that submarine will smell like curry

  • You can call me Al

    I do not understand this, they could build a new one for less than the cost.

  • Garga

    Akula is a NATO designated name for this class, it’s Russian name is Shchuka or something.
    I always wonder the wisdom in leasing military equipment. Last year there was a report about German army leasing a few Israeli drone for 5 years or so for the amount of money which was at least 5 times the price of purchasing the said drones. I thought “OK, this is Germany bribing Israel or Israel extorting Germans, no sane military planner does such an idiotic thing, to rent something and pay times the actual price.
    Now this report which has precedent (at least 2 other submarines leases as article also says) I don’t know how much a submarine like that costs, in some sources I read it’s something along $1.5-1.6 billions (but in 1995 dollars, whatever that means, inflation calculators say it’s about $2.5bn today).

    Can someone clear this up? Is it a rent-to-own kind of contract?

    • Christina Friedman

      Lease would mean that Russia would take care of the service of the submarine.

    • Jakke1899

      In case of a lease contract, you should always read the “fine print”. (I admit, in this case impossible!). But in these contracts, there is always stipulated who is paying what. Maintenance, break-downs, fuel, training for the crews etc… These are expenditures that can amount to purchasing cost of the sub. I would like to add this is merely an assumption of mine, based on reading i did through the years.
      با احترام

    • IggyBundy

      Its a nuclear sub and you can only lease it. Also Its service life is usually 10 years. But refurbishing it is cheaper.. But by then its outdated anyway. Yes it does cost more over the long run but also if a newer model comes out then you can get the new model. Also getting rid of it would be a major problem unless you have a place to dump nuclear waste. So over all cost would be the same but without the worry.. Also in this case if Russia dont maintain it, then india can send it back.. Yes Russians are the ones maintaining it, I think they even have a few onboard looking after the reactors while the rest as onland. A very complex modern nuclear sub.. How would a country that barely has any knowledge of such things manage a nuclear capable nuclear sub like this??