Indian Soldiers Kill 5 Suspected Rebels In Kashmir, A Day After 5 Indian Soldiers Were Slain In Clashes

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Indian Soldiers Kill 5 Suspected Rebels In Kashmir, A Day After 5 Indian Soldiers Were Slain In Clashes

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On October 12th, Indian government forces reportedly killed five suspected rebels in two clashes in Indian-administered Kashmir.

This took place one day after the rebels reportedly killed five army soldiers in a gunfight in the disputed region.

The first clash erupted following a raid by soldiers and counterinsurgency police in the Imamsahab area of southern Shopian district, police said.

Troops cordoned off the area late on October 11th, and a gun battle broke out when the rebels refused to surrender, police said. Three rebels were killed in the ensuing fight early on October 12th, police said.

In a separate clash, two suspected rebels were killed inside an apple orchard during a security operation in the village of Feeripora, also in Shopian, police said.

On October 11th, five Indian soldiers were killed in the deadliest gun battle with rebels this year in a forested area of southern Surankote district. Lieutenant Colonel Devender Anand, an Indian army spokesperson, said troops continued with search operations in the area.

The uptick in violence comes amid a sweeping crackdown by the government forces in the Kashmir Valley following a string of targeted killings in the region’s main city of Srinagar in the week ending on October 10th.

Police detained more than 700 people for questioning after suspected rebels shot and killed a prominent Kashmiri Hindu chemist, two schoolteachers of the Hindu and Sikh faiths, and a Hindu street food vendor from India’s eastern state of Bihar.

Police in a statement said one of the slain rebels was involved in the killing of the street food vendor.

India and Pakistan claim the divided Himalayan territory of Kashmir in its entirety, but each administers part of it.

Rebels in Indian-administered Kashmir have been fighting New Delhi’s rule since 1989. Most Muslim Kashmiris support the rebel goal of uniting the territory, either under Pakistani rule or as an independent country.


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Peter Wallace

Great discussions and comments section. It is all scam spam . As all my comments on RT are now marked as spam , which of course they are not , and deleted in under 30 seconds why is it so hard for SF comments unable to delete this scam spam when it really is annoying spam repeated multiple times a day on a comments section that has very few real comments.

Ivan Freely

What’s funny is these spam posts are made under another spam post. LOL

Peter Wallace

Yes , all the spammers are competing with each other to get the idiot to click on “their” link to get people to do the same as they are doing posting the same crap on as many sites as possible so that after a thousand clicks they get one cent .. so after a month they might get a dollar

Peter Wallace

Why can’t the all the people in Kashmir be given the chance to say who they would preferred to be part of . I remember this has been going on since I was a a little boy in the 1950’s and it had started before then . It all probably goes back to when Britain ruled the total area of India / Pakistan / Bangladesh and unilaterally drew up borders as they did in Africa without any knowledge of ethnic and tribal areas on the ground. A river became the boundary even if families lived either side of the river. Kill a few Indians , kill a few rebels/ terrorists and nothing changes with neither side any better off than before. Talking about Kashmir made me go listen to it an Led Zeppelin which of course had nothing to do with Kashmir itself but a great song nonetheless.

Peter Wallace

So instead of the downvote how about an alternative view and why you disagree with what I said .

Ivan Freely

Neutralized the downvote for you. LOL But you’re correct. If given the chance, Kashmir would side with Pakistan or with the greater Islamic community. Something which India refuses to allow.

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Peter Wallace


Ivan Freely

Kashmir conflict needs to be covered more often. Well done, SF!

Gentleman Jim

It is quite apparent that after the US humiliating defeat in Afghanistan, now Kashmir independence struggle is ramping up. The fleeing US cowards left behind over $85 billion worth of arms, enough to fund regional wars for another century. Indian oppression in Kashmir causing massive resentment and will turn into a Jihadist recruitment bonanza. Expect to see Taliban in Kashmir soon.