Indonesia Deploys Fighter Jets To South China Sea Amid Tensions With China


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The stand-off began last month when Beijing sent a coast guard vessel and commercial fishing boats to the disputed waters off the coast of Indonesia’s northern Natuna islands.

Indonesia Deploys Fighter Jets To South China Sea Amid Tensions With China

Fajar Adriyanto, the air force spokesman, said four F-16 fighter jets have been conducting flight missions over the islands as a deterrent against China.

“They’re doing standard patrols to protect our sovereign area. It just so happened that they’re patrolling Natuna,” Adriyanto said. “We don’t have the order to start a war with China.”

Indonesian President Joko Widodo said Monday that increased Chinese vessels in the disputed waters is a direct violation of international law.

Widodo said there’s no negotiation with China when it comes “to our sovereignty.”

In the last week, the Indonesian Navy has ramped up patrols in the same region that is known for vast natural resources, reported Channel News Asia.

China’s foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said Tuesday Beijing had “opened diplomatic channels” with Indonesia since the stand-off began, and said “both countries shoulder responsibility for maintaining regional peace and stability.”

Reuters notes that ship tracker data shows at least two Chinese ships, Zhongguohaijing and Haijing 3511, were on the edge of Indonesia’s exclusive economic zone on Tuesday. Both ships were located on China’s “nine-dash line.”

This isn’t the first time both countries have faced a stand-off near Natuna. Indonesia has, for years, deterred Chinese vessels from the region, it’s just this time Indonesia has deployed fighter jets as a response to China’s aggression.

What can possibly go wrong at a time when the Middle East is on the verge of war?


  • TTdr

    Indonesia knew clearly the 9 dash lines was well before UN setup & Indonesia gained independent from Holland. While China declared it has no interest to claim Natuna oil & gas, esp the one Msia illegally stealing, it doesn’t mean Indonesia can claim water territorial within the 9 dash lines.

    Their jets will be long shot down with vessels sink if its Russian or the evil US.

    • occupybacon
    • Kell McBanned

      China actually belongs to Australia as thousands of years ago our people left there – here I made errr found a map.

      • TTdr

        Have you no slight shame to lie blatantly?

        When Chinese Admiral Zhenghe visited the world including Oz continent, they left them untouch but exchange gifts with natives. When whites visited, all get colonized.

        Even Oz education told its Brits banished their hardcore criminal convicts to Australia. Oz is descendants of convicts. They invaded and slaughtered Aborigines enmass to rob their land. That’s how whites appear in Oz continent like they all did in US, Nz, Hawaii, Canada, ….by massacre and plundering to occupy others lands.

        They are doing now in ME, in Africa, everywhere they touch, war breakout, regime change, color revolution, fire burn, blood flow, men killed, women raped. History don’t lied.

  • Kell McBanned

    Good on Indonesia for protecting its National boundaries, the Chinese are like a plague of insects that have no regard for the rights of anyone else and devour everything in their path.
    I just wish ASEAN would get its shit together and work with one another to keep the wolves at bay.

    • You can call me Al

      Well, I have just talked to a senior colleague and he states the whole of China are shitting themself as we speak.

  • K Pomeroy

    This article is based on Reuters. Could be fake news, or worded in a way to deliberately stir up trouble. I don’t read Reuters, thank you. (Buncha Zyonistas)