Instability In Daraa: Five Killed In Tribal Clashes (Videos)

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Late on January 13, heavy clashes broke out between fighters from al-Zoubi and Kiwan tribes in the town of Tafas in northern Daraa countryside.

The conflict was reportedly provoked by an old dispute between the two local tribes. The clashes began when Kiwan tribesmen killed Osama Qassim al-Zoubi in front of his house in Tafas. Fighter from al-Zoubi tribe responded by killing Alaa Suliman al-Audat form the Kiwan tribe.

Local sources in Daraa said al-Audat is a former member of ISIS, who joined the reconciliation process and moved into Tafas a while ago.

The clashes in Tafas last until the morning of January 14. According to several sources, at least five people, including a civilian woman, were killed.

The situation improved in the noon following several meetings between the leaders of al-Zoubi and Kiwan tribes. The meetings were organized by prominent figures from Daraa.

Syrian government forces didn’t intervene. Nevertheless, a large force from the Russian-backed 8th Brigade, a unit of the Syrian military 5th Corps that’s dedicated from ex-rebels, entered Tafas to impose a ceasefire.

The clashes in Tafas highlight the state of lawlessness prevailing over Daraa today. The situation in the governorate is slipping out of the government’s control.

Damascus recaptured Daraa in mid-2018. Since then, the government has been making immense effort to stabilize the governorate and establish an effective local force. A very little success has been achieved.


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