Iran Denied Its Flag Over Tanker Targeted Off Syria’s Shores

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Iran Denied Its Flag Over Tanker Targeted Off Syria’s Shores

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The oil tanker attacked off Syria’s shores on April 24 was not owned by Iran, the Iranian Tasnim News Agency reported.

According to the agency, the targeted tanker, which was reportedly struck by a drone, was not one of the Iranian tankers currently present in Syria’s waters. Four Iranian tankers arrived earlier this month in Banias oil terminal, where the attack took place.

The attack on the tanker, identified by some as the Panama-flagged WISDOM, resulted in massive fire that was quickly put down by the crew.

While the Tasnim News Agency denied that the targeted tanker was Iranian, the Tehran-based al-Alam TV reported that it actually was owned by Iran.

Al-Alam later retracted the statement, which was likely based on a report by the France-Press Agency, AFP. The news channel, however, revealed that the tanker was hit by two projectiles. According to the channel, there were no human losses as a result of the attack.

Many observers speculated that Israel was behind the attack, which was seen as a response to the recent strike on the Israeli-owned Hyperion Ray vessel off the shores of the UAE.

The attack was not the first. On March 11, an explosion rocked the Iranian SHAHR E KORD ship as it was sailing a few kilometers away from Syria’s shores. The attack was reportedly a response by the Israel to an earlier attack on the Israeli-owned vessel MV HELIOS RAY in the Sea of Oman.


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