Iran Stands As The Goalkeeper To Baku And Ankara’s Interests

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Iran Stands As The Goalkeeper To Baku And Ankara’s Interests
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Turkey and Azerbaijan are presenting a united front against a potential enemy in the face of Iran.

Ankara and Baku announced that they would hold a joint military exercise near the border with the Islamic Republic between October 5th and October 8th.

Titled “Unshakable Brotherhood,” the drills are organized to “develop friendship, cooperation and coordination between the Turkish and Azerbaijani Land Forces.”

Prior to these exercises in Nakhichevan, joint military exercises with Georgian, Azerbaijani and Turkish servicemen “Eternity-2021” were launched in Georgia on October 4th.

These are all an attempt to show force before Iran, as it held large-scale military exercises along the border with Azerbaijan in the previous days.

Tehran meanwhile released a series of hype videos, mostly from its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) showcasing the capabilities it was deploying along the border.

Two days earlier, the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Defense Force (IRIADF) unveiled a new tactical radar and an air-defense simulator.

These improvements are significant, as Azerbaijan, as well as Turkey employ a large number of UAVs in their military operations. In the event of hostilities, they need to be countered in order to avoid a repeat of the Armenia-Azerbaijani war for Nagorno Karabakh. Tehran is deeply concerned of the strengthening of the Baku’s military cooperation with Tel Aviv, fearing the deployment of Israeli Harop UAVs in the border regions.

One of the videos demonstrates about 4,000 IRGC speed boats that were deployed in the port of Astara on the Caspian Sea that could quickly reach the Azerbaijani oil facilities in the Caspian Sea. Such a reinforcement could play a strategic role in case of a direct confrontation.

Tehran will likely not openly oppose Turkey and Azerbaijan’s attempt at “two states – one nation”, but it will evidently also not support it. This is an issue for Iran, as up to 30 million ethnic Azerbaijanis live in its north-western region, so-called Iranian Azerbaijan, compared to the entire population of its neighbor that sits at 10 million. A realization of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s plan of a unified Turkic world directly threatens Iran’s livelihood.

Geographically, a big part of Ankara and Baku’s effort is to organize a direct transport corridor to the Caspian Sea and further to Central Asia.

Armenia’s Syunik region separates Azerbaijan’s mainland from the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic. In a recent visit of Armenia’s Foreign Minister to Tehran, it was underlined that Iran is against the removal of Armenian servicemen from the Syunik region and would be ready for a direct confrontation if it happens.

Iran is fortunate in this regard that it doesn’t need to fight, but simply show its forces and mark the red lines, as both Russia and China do not seem willing to allow “Great Turan” to turn into reality.

The developments are still in their early stages, but it is very apparent that both Ankara and Baku are making significant movements and are unwilling to stop their attempts. There are sure to be pushes towards shifts in a geopolitical landscape in the coming months and years.

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Chris Gr

These are not enemies to Iran, except Israel. Iran has a lot of Turkic in them and Azeris are Shia.


we iranians are muslims first of all so stop your secterian analysis which is wrong anyway everyone who draws the sword towards our direction has to get used that we draw aswell and the moment they strike we will not stop fighting them so turkey can choose if it wants to fight iran or not in fact iran can deal with turkey easily the same with baku and still 2022 iran would level haifa and tel aviv so things would stay the same way the zionist are moving so why do you have to care what iran does after eradicating the zionists it can take all of asia minor if turkey annoys us to much with its stupid hostility and ottomanist daesh behaviors what is it to you btw non of this has anything to do with ethnicity nor sect and all of this is about right and wrong and this is why baku will have a revolution this is why erdogan will lose in turkey aswell together with all of his mafia

Last edited 2 months ago by farbat

Hello, can someone explain to me what is Armenias part in all this ?


armenia is iranian and i know its russophile and utterly licking the shoes of every russian who sets a foot on armenia but still south caucasus is ours and we dont allow any of the zionist or neo ottomanist plans to succeed

Last edited 2 months ago by farbat
Colonel Dolma

Hey Bozo,
if Armenia is Iranian how come you did nothing but masterbate when the Turks attacked Karabagh last year? you are paying the price NOW that the zionists are all along your northern border

Icarus Tanović

Because Pashinyan is a Zionistic pig.


the south caucasus was taken from iran with force and injustice and therefore why should i iranian accept the legitimacy of baku or yerewan as “independent” states when both of htem are utter lackeys and working against the interest of south caucasus both of hem are an annoyance death to the armenian government this western lackey and death to the russophile idiots who depend on an entity which cant even pull up his own pants on its own borders getting raped all over the place that is what depending on them has brought to armenia to this day nothing but pain incompetence and rape caused by those you depend on

Last edited 2 months ago by farbat

Yes but it was taken by RUSSIA, not the Ottomans, in the 1820s. Also it had been made up of independent knatates before then which were Azerbaijani, not Persian. Also the Safavids were Turks not Persians. British military sources from 1800-1950 state that the Azerbaijanis are the true fighting substance of Iran. A conflict between Iran and Azerbaijan would be disastrous for both countries. It would only be welcomed by Armenia who are the stirers in all this. Do you think Putin would like an Iran/Turkey conflict? But Israel might. Cool heads are needed here.


There is a region in Armenia where the population is entirely azery and ain´t near the border with Azerbaijan that they want to log in to by taking the armenian region.


I desagree of this ain´t being about ethnicity and of Iran being able of doing all that you stated taking them all at the same time without being touched badly, even so, i´m entirely with iran and hope that finnaly it can take on them at the same time or one by one.

Icarus Tanović

Would like to give you like 1001 pluses.


the whole world today is about right and wrong and the whole issue of mostazafin existing while there are also billionaires existing is basically the driving factor of irans power the whole issue of oppression as a systematic tool is only going to make iran more powerful in many ways even if it means that iran has to burn a few zionist pawns along the way yes it will do it to make sure that the entirety of the region stays safe a sort of drunkard aliev government has no value compared nor the idiot and coward erdogan

Last edited 2 months ago by farbat
Peppe il Sicario

I agree in the sense that this whole war, conflict is spiritual in nature. There are those who have chosen to rebel against the Will of God, the Divine Creator, in short, the money-loving and technological worshippers and those, who have a deep commitment to love and respect and are renouncing the wicked ways that are in vogue now. The US, GB and its 3 Commonwealth countries, Israel, the EU, Gulf Arabs and most Sunni countries, Turkey etc. are among the non-virtuous ones.


Are you saying that there are oriental asiatics inside Iran? Like chinku?

Last edited 2 months ago by Ahson

Why the picture of Rouhani?

Icarus Tanović

They don’t have one of Raisi.


both turkey and baku just need adjustments and things will become fine be sure of it




Iran is not alone, many regional & international allies. The turks on the other hand rely on western imbeciles who are content to replace erdogan at a moment’s notice…


Motherfuker we don’t rely on anybody. We can deal with any problem Iran is nothing for us nothing stupid mollahs just like mosquitos buzzing but nothing else. No go and f*** your mum scumbag


tell me you absurd pathetic liar how much is turkeys external debt?

Icarus Tanović

Tou turks are as oeople says third world’s junk and trash. So shoul be treated as well. Don’t kid your self for a moment, Memet pasha that you have ANYTHING in common with Hungarians. They loath you.


Rouhani is not iran,s president anymore!

Icarus Tanović

He’s still in power couple of months, until Ibrahim Raisi takes power.


the only reason there wasnt any revolution in turkey and baku republic over the last decades is because turkey and baku promised no seperatism and hostility in return for iran keeping them safe from revolution that agreement is null and void now and iran is the global center or revolutionaries and resistance movements we can bring revolution over all governments of the world turkey and azerbaijan are mistaken to side with the most miserable forces on this planet

Rodney Loder.I guesd

Iran supported Azerbaijan in Nagorno Karabakh war one year ago last month, i was suprised with these recent hostile announcements coming from Turkey /Azerbaijan l put it downnto a expansionism Turkish policy similar to Turkish influence in Syrian affairs.

Never mind Russia will keep Turkry /Azerbaijan in line, damned pity the homosexual Sid Loder used my life with his vermin Freemason/jee maggots to break up the Soviet Union.


Another factually false article published by southfront against Iran. Iran does not have 30 million “Azerbaijanis”. This Zionist created lie is so outrageously false both in terms of massively inflated numbers and the fake labeling of “Azerbaijani” that only hardcore anti-Iranian nations/media or extremely ignorant ones who don’t know any better would repeat it. A simple 5 minute google search from any official source including from Western sources tells you how many Azaris (Not Azerbaijanis) live inside Iran. Moreover the vast majority of these Azaris are Iranian nationalists who would fight on Iran’s side if a war were to break out against Baku.

I’m still puzzled as to why southfront repeatedly publishes anti-Iranian lies and Zionist created disinformation against Iran.


40.000000. Million Azerbaijanis turk living in south Azerbaijan. will be liberated from mullah dictator regime


Listen donkey Turk. Your Zionist masters who have taught you your fake artificial identity and this fake statistics about Iran are standing on their last legs in the region. They’re going to be gone but you’re going to remain in the region surrounded by Iran on all sides, an Iran which you have been insulting, lying about, and threatening all your life. I’ll tell you this one thing and I don’t care if you don’t want to believe me but before the Syrian war I was completely neutral in regards to Turkey, maybe I even had slightly positive views. During the war and subsequent to this I saw so many people from Turkey like you insulting, lying about, and threatening Iran that I have become completely radicalized to hate Turkey. There are millions of Iranians like myself who have gone through the same transformation. We have got you surrounded in the south in Syria, and in Iraq. You have hostile neighbors to your West, to your north, and to your east. Literally your only way out of a potential complete land blockade is through Georgia in the east, which could easily be blocked by Russia or Iran. Your fake artificial country is filled with 20,000,000 Iranic Kurds who unlike the 14,000,000 Azaris of Iran do not have strong allegiance to their state. If you think it is a good idea to continue on your current path then you deserve what’s coming to you and mark my words, you’re not going to like what’s coming to you.

P Comment

Real donkey is your mother.


I wonder what the US involvement is in all this.