Iranian, Russian Naval Developments November 27 – December 1, 2018

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Iranian, Russian Naval Developments November 27 – December 1, 2018

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The Iranian Navy is going  to hold drills in the Inian Ocean, Deputy Navy Commander for Coordination Rear Admiral Hamzeh Ali Kaviani told IRNA on December 8. He noted that the drills will involve the Navy’s state-of-the-art equipment, including the destroyer Sahand and two Ghadir-class submarines that recently joined the fleet.


The Black Sea Fleet is expected to get 6 warships of various classes and 6 support vessels in 2019, Fleet Commander Vice-Admiral Alexander Moiseyev said on December 10.

“The delivery of 12 warships and vessels is planned for 2019: six combat ships and six support vessels,” Moiseyev said. “These will be missile corvettes and patrol ships, and the component of the support fleet and hydrographic survey vessels are also important for us.”

Earlier on the same day, the corvette Orekhovo-Zuyevo armed with Kalibr cruise missiles was accepted for service in the Black Sea Fleet.

Naval Aviation Chief Major-General Igor Kozhin said in an interview with the Defense Ministry’s newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda revealed that the Navy will receive advanced shipborne aircraft in 2021-2030.

“This relates to replacing special aviation aircraft with new models and arming the Navy with shipborne fighter jets (MiG-29K/KUB), attack, transport and landing helicopters (Ka-52K) and drones,” Kozhin said.

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Promitheas Apollonious

ok…… and?

R Trojson

Just keep spending all that money on the arms race while the average Russian is suffering.


$750 Billion is obscene, but what else would you expect from the evil regime in DC?


Rubbish. Russian lives are improving significantly, yet money still needs to be aside for defense or they all suffer at the hands of the USA. But what am I telling you all that for, you already knew that, right? :)


I am unexpetently sick. very suddenly sick. pray for me.

Zionism = EVIL

Yeah, your English syntax is even sicker, I will pray to the sky fairy for you immediate recovery unexpectedly :)

Hisham Saber

The Persian Gulf would be a death trap for U.S. et al navies in the event of hostilities with Iran.
Ever wonder why the Chief of Command of all Middle Eastern Naval groups was mysteriously found dead in Bahrain?

Probably because his superiors at the Pentagon told him to draw up attack plans on Iran, seize the Persian Gulf etc. He most likely told them they were insane, and the U.S coalition would be wiped out, and for that , he was quietly disposed of.

There have been war gamed at the Pentagon in regards to a U.S. at al vs. Iran showdown and Iran emerges victorious every time. With unacceptable losses for the U.S. coalition.

Maneuvering large naval battle groups under actual fighting in the rather narrow of the Persian Gulf is like maneuvering a limousine through the narrow streets of some backwards third world neighborhood. Its actually very difficult for evasive action. And Iran has literally tens of thousands of anti-ship missiles, Chinese variants, modified by Iran and mass produced. The sophisticated guidance systems are originally Chinese. Hezbollahs missile, and ballistic missile arsenal has these very accurate Chinese guidance systems too.

Iran is a medium sized country and the proud Iranian people will not back down. Push comes to shove, and Iran can light up the Middle East at a 2000 km radius.


Maybe that’s why he died but do you remember last week that Yemeni army hammered a Saudi helicopter base and caused a lot of damage? I heard the US commander was there and got killed.

John Brown

The USSA commander was probably killed by his racist supremacist Jewish slave masters because he did not want to sacrifice his fleet and his goyim men for the greater glory and power of Israel and the superior master Jewish race and ther lord satan.

Zionism = EVIL

Iran, Russia and China need to coordinate naval strategies and hold joint exercises in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean. Iran needs a regular blue water navy and should refurbish some Russian mothballed destroyers and work on a helicopter assault ship. The froggies as usual back-stabbed Russia and sold the Mistral class helo- amphibious assault ships to Egypt, so perhaps Iran and Russia can coordinate a hybrid helo-assault ship. The Persian Gulf is a defenders dream and Iran holds all the aces in that arena with a 2000 kms coast line dotted with caves, coves, mountains and tunnels for thousands of SSM batteries. If Hezbollah could knock out the pride of the Zionist fleet Hanit with a rather primitive C-802, imagine what Iran can do in its own backyard?