Iranian Sources Reveal New Information On Secret Short-Range Air Defense System

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Iranian Sources Reveal New Information On Secret Short-Range Air Defense System

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Iranian sources have revealed new information on a domestically-made short-range air-defense system that was showcased for the first time during the Modafean Aseman Velayat 1400 [Guardians of Velayat Sky 1400] exercise earlier this month.

On October 16, Fars News Agency journalist Mohammad Shaltouki revealed that the system is dubbed “Zubin”. According to Shaltouki, the system is the land-based variant of the “Nawab” air-defense system, which is being developed for Iranian Navy warships.

Zubin features a unique, compact design with an onboard target acquisition radar and vertically-launched anti-aircraft missiles. According to Iranian sources, the system will be armed with 4 to 16 missiles.

The system will reportedly provide radar data to the completely passive Majid short-range air-defense system, which was also revealed during the Modafean Aseman Velayat 1400 exercise. Majid is armed with infrared guided missiles with fire-and-forget capability.

The Iranian Army and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps tested several domestically-made air-defense and radar systems during the Modafean Aseman Velayat 1400 exercise.

Iran has been working nonstop to develop its military capabilities, especially its air-defenses, in order to keep up with the repeated threats from the US and Israeli.


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mass production cycle in future of the next gen radars are going to be quantum radars so that will happen but having a sort of oversaturation of a2ad is very important so its just going to be an addition aswell in a2ad but for the airforce it will change alot to have quantum radar tech which is smaller than normal radars and if a military micro satellite is in orbit the range can become much wider aswell than classical radars what one needs still is a quantum network with a supercomputer who does the computing and its done but probably alot of microsatellites will be needed to make it global basically sepah and artesh have to fire in future multiple microsatellite carrier into the orbit if they dont fire entire clusters in larger rockets

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Try to remember where some of the technology derived from before you utter ignorant comments.

If it were not for Russia & China much of your scientific and military progress would still be years behind…

Many of your pro-Iranian commentary is complete lunacy without balance and sense.


vertical launchers are useful as close in system specially for iranian ships because they take much less room and can fit more missiles therefore but iran has alot of gatlings more than russia is producing so iran basically is coming close to challenging america in production of such systems if it continues with the plans it has it will change alot of the sea based systems with gatling guns even most speedboats even thou a larger calibre might get be used on normal machine guns on some speedboats the smaller ones will most probably have alot of change in their weaponry and overall design important is that they are emp resistant and therefore can work in an enviroment of war most weapon systems have to have this in mind thankfully motors can be shielded easily with a bit of tinkering and knowledge specially copper wire faraday cages can be worked into designs very easily as soon as they get bigger it makes sense to have it in as a must and that would be university level of defenses which makes more sense than some kind of loop circut breaker or whatever the usa designs for civilians i did never actually care to look at it because its stupid it will just help against weak natural electro magnetic pulses like solar flare caused ones alot of the people who think that works can get used to melted electronics only some kind of faraday caging will make sense and even here sensoric might be damaged if its external obviously so military grade emp can be quite potent specially by russia who talks the least about it but has absurd capabilities in this field

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Dennis Kovac

Good news and sell it cheap as usually to all countries which are fighting for its freedom and occupation forces

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Icarus Tanović

Such are Yemen.


‘c,on Iran – Syria and the hezb are waiting for them missiles –