Iraq’s Oil And Gas Infrastructure (Map Update)


Iraq's Oil And Gas Infrastructure (Map Update)

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The map above provides a look at Iraq’s oil and gas infrastructure. According to reports, Saudi Arabia has requested Iraq to buy crude oil to compensate for its production outage caused by the September 14 attacks carried out by Yemen’s Ansar Allah on its infrastructure. Reports suggest that Saudi Aramco had asked Iraqi State Oil Marketing Organization for some 10 million barrels of Basra Light to load in October and November.



  • alejoeisabel

    Iraq should sell its oil to Saudi Arabia on condition that it make peace with Yemen and Iran and end ties to Israel.

  • Agnostic Priest

    this makes me wonder why Saddam felt he needed to invade Kuwait for their oil.

    • Real Anti-Racist Action

      The US was working in Kuwait and started doing a technique where they drill sideways into the earth. Oil companies in Kuwait starting drawing oil from deep underground that was more on the side of Iraq.
      This is just one of several reasons that Iraq went into Kuwait.
      Another reasons is because Saddam and Iraq was cash straps bad because of a dumb very long trench warfare they stared against Iran. After such a massive war is drained a lot of what Iraq had. They were looking to quickly make up for losses.
      Saddam led Iraq very poorly and squandered a lot of lives and resources and gained nothing for it but more hardship.

      • neil barron

        To put it simply succinct !!

      • Aneka

        That is interesting, do you have any evidence of horizontal drilling to share?

  • Snega Bondato

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