Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Are Ready To Advance On Al-Qa’im City

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On October 25, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Deputy Chairman of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) Committee, announced that the PMU finished its preparations for the upcoming military operation to liberate the last ISIS stronghold in Iraq, al-Qa’im city, according to the PMU media wing.

“The PMU preparations to liberate al-Qa’im have been completed, the operation comes after the PMU liberated Akashat area and al-Walid border crossing” al-Muhandis told the PMU media wing.

Al-Muhandis revealed that the PMU will attack al-Qa’im from the southwestern direction, while the Iraqi Army will attack the city from Rawa town east of it. The deputy chairman of the PMU Committee also said that the aim of the military operation will be to secure the border with Syria and the international highways with Syria and Jordan.

Field commanders of the PMU also told the PMU media wing that their units are ready to begin the military operation in any moment. Meanwhile, Iraqi sources reported that the operation will be launched in the upcoming hours.

The Iraqi Army and the PMU will push to capture Rawa town before advancing towards al-Qa’im city. The operation will likely be harder than the previous anti-ISIS military operations in Tal Afar and Hawija areas.

Chief of Staff of the French Army Jean-Pierre Bosser said on October 25 that 7000 ISIS fighters are now stationed on the Syrian-Iraqi border according to Iraqi sources. ISIS will likely deploy most of these fighters to counter the Iraqi government forces upcoming attack.

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