Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Launched “Sinjar Martyrs” Operation, Seek To Capture Important Border Town (Videos)

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Yesterday, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) launched the second phase of the Operation “Mohammed Rasool Allah 2” under the name of “Sinjar Martyrs.”

The operation aims to capture the Al-Ba’aj road, the strategic town of Al-Ba’aj and surrounding villages located near the Syrian-Iraqi border. So far the PMU has managed to cut the Sinjar-Al-Ba’aj road.

The PMU has also captured the villages of Qabusiya, Kubat al-Wahb, Rafiq and Al-Hatymia northeast of Al-Ba’aj, the village of Kuju east of Al-Ba’aj, and the village of Tal Ghazi north of it.

Separtely, PMU forces have liberated the villages of Biski al-Shamalia and Biski al-Janubia north of Qayrawan, and Amihat village west of Qayrawan.

During the operation, the PMU killed 38 ISIS militants, including four suicide bombers, and destroyed 2 VBIEDs, and 9 vehicles belonging to ISIS as well as 3 mortar positions of the terrorists.

The Iraqi Air Force carried out night airstrikes targeting ISIS positions in villages west of Qayrawan.

In the right part of Mosul, Iraqi forces continue evacuating civilians from the ISIS-held area. Today, they have also been able with the help civilians to catch an ISIS cleric and an ISIS fighter.

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